Friday, January 25, 2019

Sleep Study

Medical Bling:  some of the most expensive accessories in the world!
 PATTY:  This month I've been having a lot of medical adventures from experimenting with new medicines to enduring yet another sleep study this week.  I can't sleep in hospitals (unless anesthesia is involved, and I don't consider that to be "sleep"); I can barely sleep in my own bed!  Each one of the wires in this photo was attached to my body, including my head.  Those on my head were glued on with goop-I-don't-even-know-what-it-was, so all the hair on my head, except for the ponytail, was gooped up.  Fortunately, I brought a hat for the morning trip home. 

The Sleep Expert at work.
Daffy seems to be able to sleep anywhere, any time, any place.  She's laying on her special scarf (which started out as a cowl for me).  The wool is really spongey and the texture of the knit pattern is such that she likes to knead it as if she was a little kitten again.  She gets this blissful look on her face and she kneads away; so happy.  It's nice and warm for her, too. 

So, who's sick of winter already?  Raise hands!  ME!  I want to be a snowbird.  I want to leave this cold, snowy Minnesota-like land and go somewhere warm from December to March.  How can I do that and where would I go? 

In the meantime, stay warm and dry.  xoxo

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

We made it!

Happy we made it through another year! 
PATTY:  Frankly, we're happy to be done with 2018.  The good things were the garden, visiting my sister, quitting my job, and finding doctors in whom I have some confidence.  The bad things were -- well, I'll keep those to myself because why spread the pain, right?

DAFFY:  I'm glad my butt furs are growing back so I don't have to face the new year in total humiliation. 

PATTY:  Well, I'm not gonna ask you if you have any resolutions because I can imagine they cover the subjects of an increase in treats, more gravy, and a giant water fountain that runs all day long.

DAFFY:  Yes, those are the resolutions I made for YOU.  My resolution is to nap more.

PATTY:  I don't know how it is possible for you to nap MORE, but okay, I can live with that.  If you're napping, you're not begging for food, treats, or running water. 

Let's just hope for a kinder, more peaceful, less violent, less hateful, more humane year in 2019.  xoxo

Sunday, December 23, 2018

all I want fur kissmess

Exhibit A:  We need more gravy and get rid of these gray chunks!

Exhibit B:  Sorry, Purina, but I'm not eatin' these gray chunks.
Dear Purina:

I am a middle-aged, "curvy" feline with a lotta smarts and discriminating taste.  My mom feeds me Fancy Feast Creamy Delights Tuna Feast since she discovered a couple of years ago that this is the only thing I will eat.  But, as you can see from Exhibit A and Exhibit B above, I cannot abide the stuff you put in the gravy.  My mom calls this "meat" but I'm not sure.  Whatever it is, it sux. 

So, my mom wrote to Purina and asked them to share the recipe for the gravy because that's really all I'm interested in eating (Exhibit A & B); but (no surprise) they did not respond.  My mom is a smart one and she always has a Plan B (and C and D) to find out how to make that gravy. 

In the meatime, I am sending this message to you to request that you (a) either take the gray chunks out of the gravy, or (b) put waaaaaay more gravy in and take out most of the gray chunks.  Then, it will be better.

Yers sinseerly,

Ms. Daffodil K. R. Skypants

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


The BEST toy is a kitty tail!!

PATTY:  Sab and I have been together for 35 years and we decided to celebrate by booking the cat room at our local cat cafe.  All the kitties are rescues and are available for adoption and they get to stay in this huge room where they sleep, play, eat, drink, and have pets visited upon them every single day by many visitors and staff, as well as the cat wrangler.  They have a private toilette area and can escape into a variety of cubbyholes when they want "alone time." 

This photo shows only a few of the kitties.  The rest are in the front of the room in a tree by the window (catching some rays) and there are two sleeping under the little white table (lower left).  All the chairs have cat paw socks.  The cafe has three permanent kitty residents who are not up for adoption, one of whom is a polydactal.  When you book a room, you get free coffee and pastries. 

DAFFY:  What do you think?  Should I feel betrayed?  Not really.  I was glad to get rid of them for a little while so I could have "alone time." 

Do you have a cat cafe in your town?  Tell me about it!  xoxo

Monday, November 12, 2018

November snow!

Where'd my furs go!?! 

Why'd you do this to me?!!
PATTY:  So, as you can see, Daffy got a fur cut -- basically her whole back end.  She still looks amazingly beautiful but I worry about her being cold.  However, as  you can see she is intelligent enough to have found a nice warm spot for naps.  Yesterday afternoon she even came up on the bed and climbed onto my stomach and lap and snuggled while I read (Postcards from the Edge by Carrie Fisher which was pretty funny, so I recommend it).  This was a VERY rare occurrence (not the reading; the lap snuggling)!  She has NEVER climbed on anyone's lap for snuggles.  This fur cut has altered her personality a little, I guess.

As is becoming the habit, apparently, when the weather changes her fur starts flying off her body.  We were finding hand-fulls of fluff everywhere.  In the morning the path to the kitchen was covered with big tufts of fur leading to the food bowls . . . a feline Hansel and Gretl twist!  Then all of a sudden, as if overnight. her back end was completely matted and all the mats were like concrete -- we could NOT brush them or comb them out.  She was suffering and confused about what was happening, so we had no choice but to take her to the vet.

That's because unlike normal kitties, she won't let strangers touch her without biting their hands off.  So, not only do we have to pay for an office visit ($53) and grooming ($35), we also need an anesthetist ($50) to administer the sedative.  I realize there are some human females who spend about that much for grooming visits to the salon.  So, am I complaining?  Nah.  We lived with Bhu, the Mat-Master of them all, for 19 years and so I should say we are used to it (but we never really are).

If you are some of the "lucky" Americans who are having snow this week, may I sympathize!  All I can suggest is plenty of hot cocoa.  xoxo