Thursday, April 16, 2020

Stay at Home Blooz

I think you missed a spot over here! 
PATTY:  So Daffy is having just the greatest time now that she has two full-time servants 24-7.  She seems very happy with the service and the attention.  She is so happy, in fact, that she sometimes forgets to eat.

As you can see, I was sewing on the binding for the quilt I made in February and she plopped right down in the middle of it to inspect my work.  Look at her!  She OWNS it, right?

DAFFY:  Absolutely, I own everything.  Keep up the good work and don't forget the Temptations.

xoxo Be well and behave responsibly xoxo


Lola The Rescued Cat said...

That's right, Daffy. Kitties own everything!

Katie Isabella said...

Daffy, you are looking beautiful as always on your binding for your quilt. But girl, what's this about forgetting to eat?

pilch92 said...

Such a sweet little helper.

Zoolatry said...

And guess what: Dogs rule, too! The one here now thinks he owns the house,
OMD he's a pain in the youknowwhat most of the time now. Sigh.
It used to be nice 'n' quiet around here. Now there are 4 humans and lots
of chaos day in and out! Help!

Nancy said...

Daffy is beautiful but so is the backing on that quilt - and the binding. I can’t want to see the whole thing, if Daffy lets you finish.

catladymac said...

Hang in there Daffy !