Friday, May 20, 2016

Poison Ivy -- WHY?!?

I'm such a happy-looking plant!  Why do I cause such misery??
 PATTY:  Yes, we have a poison ivy patch in a most difficult place:  the ditch at the edge of our yard.  I won't use toxic chemicals*, so I'm going to use this recipe made from kitchen ingredients:

3 cups vinegar
1/2 cup salt
1 tbsp dish detergent
Mix, spray, repeat in a week

Bhu doesn't have to worry about the poison ivy because he never ventures beyond the walls of this abode, but if your kitteh likes to wander in the open air and you are concerned about what plants (s)he might be cozying up to out there, check out this blog post "Cats and Poison Ivy." 

P.S.  Bhu is sleeping, but I can tell he wants to say "Hi!"
*The over-the-counter brands of weed killer will kill everything, including enormous trees that will cost over a thousand dollars to have professionally removed.  Just sayin'.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

May I?

The Meister himself on the quilt prior to the puking incident.  Does he look a little smug?  Was it premeditated?
I was reflecting this morning on how much I love the quilts I've made.  Bhu puked on the bed last night, so the top quilt went right into the washer and I hung it outside this morning.  Standing back by the garden and looking at that quilt on the line . . . it's so colorful, so full of energy!  I just feel so lucky to have pursued my interest in making quilts back when it was a dying art and there wasn't a huge billion dollar industry to support it like there is now.  There was barely a yard of 100% cotton much less an entire kit of fabric cut and ready to be sewed!  Anyone remember those days? No charm packs, no layer cakes and definitely no jelly rolls!!  
The quilt hanging on the line along with a few clothing items that caught part of the action. 
Close-up of the clean quilt, ready to go back on the bed. 
Bhu is doing well.  He had a lot of mats on his legs and belly, so we had to take him to the University Vet Clinic for a little grooming, for which he has to be sedated.  Once again, he was true to his reputation:  "extremely aggressive".  It's a fact; it's in his medical record.  His claws were impossibly long, also.  I noticed when he walked across the wood floors it sounded like one of the Khardashian sisters . . . clackity, clackity, clackity.  Only problem is, he is in stage 3 of renal failure and there's just nothing we can do.  Good news is there is no protein in his urine so he doesn't need medication.  

These days Bhu acts his age, I suppose, filling the day with sleeping, wandering around yowling (and getting fairly operatic sometimes), and demanding people time and pets.  He loves to be with both his people but he will still NOT sit on a lap, not if you paid him a million pieces of fresh shrimp!  I know his sight is not as good as it once was and I wonder about his hearing.  But his purring still works.  He's a major purrer. 

Graduation has occurred and the town will be quiet for another three weeks.  It used to be that every summer there would be an influx of more mature students taking graduate courses during the summer, but now everybody takes courses online, so the city really does get a bit quieter until August when everybody comes back.  I like it quiet! 

Hope you are all well and looking forward to summer.  We're having a little cold spell this weekend and had to cover the plants . . . the basil in particular was looking quite ill.   xoxo

Monday, January 18, 2016


Efurry day is a purrfect day for a snooze.
PATTY:  Bhu likes hearing about Martin Luther King because he thinks MLK said "Furree at last," a statement purrportedly refurring to equality for felines.

BHU:  Well, not just that but all the other things he said, too.   I think he also said "Pet your cat." 

PATTY:  Ahem, not sure about that but I'm glad we have this day to celebrate his life and be inspired by it. 


Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Reservations

New Year, new naps!
BHU:  I gotta buncha reservations for 2016 and here they are:
          I'm not sure mai mom and poppy are gonna pet me enough!
          I'm not sure they will be giving me the variety of noms I need!
          I'm not sure they are gonna come when I call at 3 am for a litter box clean-up!
          I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to jump up on or jump off of the bed this year!

PATTY:  Bhu, let me stop you right there.  It's RESOLUTIONS, not Reservations.  The first day of the new year is a good time to analyze your current situation, determine where you want to be in a year, and then make promises to yourself that will help you get there. 

BHU:  Okay, like maybe one of your "resolutions" would be to blog more?  Ahem.

PATTY:  Maybe we should change the name of the blog to "The NAP Documentary."

BHU:  Say Happy New Year Everyone!

PATTY:  Happy New Year, with no reservations.  :-)


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Birthday, Poppy!

Happy birthday,Poppy!! 
BHU:  Mai poppy always reminds me that I am the BEST birthday present he ever got in his whole entire life!  Who can argue?  Happy Birthday, Poppy!  xoxo

Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Yuletide!!

YULE DINNER:  Salmon, new potatoes, and brussels sprouts!

SINFULNESS:  Yes, this IS a chocolate cheesecake and, yes, it is 4" tall and weighs about five pounds (which is how much you will gain if you eat a small slice).  YUM!

BHU:  Yes, mai mom and poppy gave me some of that salmon to nosh on and I loved it!  I also want to wish all of you furrends the very best for the holiday and more good stuff to come in 2016. 

PATTY:  xoxo

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Vigil

Waiting for my mom to come back and pet me some more!  Where is she?!
PATTY:  We've been absent for a while, I know.  Bhu is doing well!  He's a little creaky, but so am I!

BHU:  That's for sure! 

PATTY:  And he's LOUD!  Yowling all night long.  One night last week I swear he was yowling "Mom!  Mom!  Mom!"  He has quite the repertoire.  I've been thinking about recording him and compiling an "Operatic Stylings of Bhu" CD.  A cappella, of course.  Do you think there's a market for that sort of thing? 

Anyway, you can see his very handsome profile if you look real hard.  He really IS waiting for me to come back to pet him.  Poppy took this photo and although there were already two hands ready to pet him, he waited on the edge of the bed until I returned.  He loves me, doesn't he.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend!  xoxo

Friday, October 16, 2015

Old Enough to Vote!

A vintage birthday greeting from Zoolatry.
PATTY:  He made it!!  Eighteen years old!  YAY!  xoxo

BHU:  Now I'm old enuf to vote! 

P.S.  We have no internet this weekend, but when we are back online we will have a REAL party!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

17 to 18

BHU:  Hello, furrends!  It's been a long time!  Didja miss me? 

PATTY:  Just popping in to say Bhu will be 18 in just 17 days.  I hope we all last that long.  He's keeping us awake all night with excessive vocalization (loud screaming, howling and screeching).  Sleeps like a baby all day.  We are not amused but we are taking him to the V-e-t next week.  I know what she will say, though:  I'm almost certain it is cognitive dysfunction.  In addition, I'm positive that the adult humans in this house are suffering from sleep deprivation! 

BHU:  Why waste yer time sleeping when you could be petting or feeding me??  I don't unnerstand you humans. 


Thursday, July 16, 2015


10:00 am and sound asleep!

6 pm and sound asleep!
 PATTY:  So, yes, we have been gone a while and I know it worried some of you; it always worries me a lot when someone doesn't post for a while.  Although we have had some family turmoil (my father-in-law passed away in June, as well as other things going on), but the number one -- NUMERO UNO -- problem we have had is Bhu.  He sleeps all day and at about 9:30 pm when we are winding down and getting ready for a night's sleep, he's bright as a button singing/screaming/yowling his brains out!! 

Egads, for a while there we thought he was gravely ill, he cried out so much.  But for such an "ill" boy he was having no problems packing away the Whiskas and Fancy Feast Appetizers and all of his bodily functions were functioning -- especially his MOUTH!  So, we are still in that mode, not getting any sleep at night, using ear plugs and shutting the bedroom door . . . but mostly we get up and tend to his effurry need all through the night.  I wish there was a Pawrents' Union I could complain to! 

Beautiful Mimosa blossoms outside my bedroom window!
So, instead of sleeping I look out at the yard and enjoy the mimosa blossoms.  Watching the bees digging down into the blossoms of this tree is quite a bit of fun.  They have to manipulate the feathery froth to the side; fun to watch!

These apples are much smaller than they look!
And watching the apple trees to make sure no deer try to eat the new fruit!  I'm afraid the deer are on to me because I did fall asleep the other night and woke up to find the lower rung of apples gone.  Drats!

Anyway, being an elder kitteh pawrent is no picnic.  Share stories if you will!  Is it going to get better, worse?

Hope your summer is going well!  xoxo  Patty & Bhu