Tuesday, November 27, 2018


The BEST toy is a kitty tail!!

PATTY:  Sab and I have been together for 35 years and we decided to celebrate by booking the cat room at our local cat cafe.  All the kitties are rescues and are available for adoption and they get to stay in this huge room where they sleep, play, eat, drink, and have pets visited upon them every single day by many visitors and staff, as well as the cat wrangler.  They have a private toilette area and can escape into a variety of cubbyholes when they want "alone time." 

This photo shows only a few of the kitties.  The rest are in the front of the room in a tree by the window (catching some rays) and there are two sleeping under the little white table (lower left).  All the chairs have cat paw socks.  The cafe has three permanent kitty residents who are not up for adoption, one of whom is a polydactal.  When you book a room, you get free coffee and pastries. 

DAFFY:  What do you think?  Should I feel betrayed?  Not really.  I was glad to get rid of them for a little while so I could have "alone time." 

Do you have a cat cafe in your town?  Tell me about it!  xoxo


Katie Isabella said...

A VISHUS DEER is on the WALL casing the place and planning to eat the kitties!!!!!!

But other than that, I love it! And those cat socks are the BOMB! Both on the chair legs and on the cat's legs!

COncatulations on 35 years together...Mom and I love hearing of such times. XX

Have no Cat Cafe's anywhere near. I wish we did. Mom could go there all day and just be here to serve me at night and make sure I am mashed up against her in the night.

Caren Gittleman said...

what a purrfectly wonderful idea!!

Nancy said...