Thursday, April 3, 2008

What the HAIL?????

Okay, this is what my daffodils looked like this morning. There are similar clusters of daffodils all over the yard and they are so pretty. Something told me to take photos this morning before I went to work. These guys need to be dug up and separated this summer so the blooms will be bigger next summer. BUT, here's what happened five minutes ago:

Looks like snow, but it's pea-sized hail! About an inch of it! Can't imagine what the daffodils must look like now. It's ALWAYS SOMTHIN' around here!!! Yikes!
But I did get a couple of packages yesterday! Midwest Modern fat quarters (18 are still on back-order) and half-yards of Posh. WHEEEEEEE! Betty Dippi sent me an Amy Butler quilt pattern she found in a magazine and I think it's very timely! I'm going to start working on that this weekend while I'm finishing up Kyle's quilt. I really need a break from black & blue, so I'll do the Amy blocks as thread-savers. I'm not a big the-person Amy fan, but I do like the fabrics and I think I'm really lucky to have so many of the original Charm prints -- stuff that is now out of print.

Don't tell Bhu, but Goma now has GomaCam! Also, you've GOT to watch Goma eat his birthday cake!! TOO CUTE! Love you GOMA!

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Sabryin's Game Blog said...

Another eyewitness to the Hailstorm...just to prove that PSP is not fooling her readership! I was outside watching for the UPS man, but then lightning hit within a half-mile of the house, and I went scurrying inside. The hail seemed to be fired downward out of a shotgun it was so forceful. The backyard was covered in white. I hope this is the very last of a difficult winter! It is unknown where the Buh was at the time.