Saturday, October 25, 2008


So Bhu has had quite a month! First, we thought he was going to die and then he literally bounced back and had his 11th birthday and now he is running around the house, jumping on the bed to visit us, and climbing down into the basement to help me quilt. We still don't know what caused his pain, but we know we can't stand the thought of losing him! Love this boy!! Love him LOTS!
And then, just so you know I haven't slacked off that much, I did finish the second Amy Butler fabrics quilt. I think I might like this one better than the first. I have nine print football shapes left and I'm thinking I will create patchwork background strips for the next one. I can't decide, however, if I want to use strips from the Charm or Midwest Modern line. Also, I'm fascinated with and inspired by Sachi Tani's designs and would love to make a fiber version of at least one of them.

Homecoming today! Some silly TV star is in the Parade. The University is too lame to get Brad Pitt. I shouldn't be so critical. They do the best they can (NOT because they haven't got a clue what "best" is). Oooooo, I'm just MEAN today! Hasta la vista, babies! xxoo Patty

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Purrfday, Bhu!

Look at what Kelly at Floof and Fur made for Bhu's birthday! What a great group of furriends! Many big birthday smooches to you all!!

And thank you for the basket of treats! Bhu doesn't want me to tell his age, although I think he should be proud! He seems to be completely cured of whatever ailed him last week and I hope we are all able to celebrate many, many more purrfdays! Bhu sez: "Me want to share treatz wif Billie so maybe she getz better!" Okay, Bhu, we will do that. Keep purr-aying for Billie! xxoo Patty

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bhu Better!

This morning he was running around the house, jumping on the beds, purring like a wild mancat and looking perfectly fine. The Vet confirmed he has no broken bones, no visible joint deterioration, back problems, or organ problems. So what was wrong with him?????? He was unable to walk for over a week.

I think whatever happened was purged by all the wonderful purrayers and purrs and good wishes and blessings we received from all the gorgeous Floof and Fur felines and beans! WE LOVE YOU! xxooo Patty and Bhu

Monday, October 13, 2008

Scary Monday

A couple of days ago, Bhu decided to take up residence in this box of receipts from 2007, and Grey furry mouse was there to greet him. Poor Bhu! I called the Vet Med School clinic trying to get an appointment for tomorrow morning. I also called Bhu's regular vet to ask her if she checked him for Iliac Artery thrombosis and to find out if we can get more painkiller meds for him. The purr-ayers and good wishes are really comforting to me, so thank you to all who care about Bhu! xxoo Patty

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Purr-ayers for Bhu

Goma and Sachie sent this wonderful get well message to Bhu and it touches my heart so much! Thank you, sweet ones!!

Friday morning Bhu could not walk at all; it was too painful for him. He would start and yowl and hunker down. He finally gave up and moved into his little box by the closet in the corner of the living room . . . his safety spot since he was a kitten. I called the vet and she gave me four hypos of pain killer and I gave him one and after about seven hours he was able to get up and walk to the food bar and take advantage of the litter box. I don't know what I will do when the final hypo is gone. Should I take him to another vet and get another opinion? We have a fine Vet Med School here with a small animal clinic. What if he has to be on pain killers the rest of his life? I'm just not sure what to do. He is our family . . . our little mancat. Thanks to all who have sent blessings and purr-ayers! xxoo Patty

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bhu in Distress!

He's tooo purrity to be in pain, but he is at the Vet right now getting x-rays. Seems to be having trouble with take-off and landing gears. Ann of Zoolatry created this portrait of Bhu and I'm just sorry I have to debut it with this bad news. Please ask Ceiling Cat to help my baby heal! xxoo P

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Goma fur Purrrrresident!

Finally! A candidate I can believe in! He's got MY vote!