Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Stormy Day!

This is the Amy Butler quilt pattern I have been alluding to lately. Amy has a lot of free patterns on her website: notebook covers, yoga bags, quilts, pillows and other stuff. Lots of photos in the "Inspirations" section, just in case you can't figure out what to do with her fabrics.

Sunday we took Bhu for an official debut walk in the park. As soon as we got to the nature trail entrance, the mayor came up with his new puppy and was very curious. We didn't get 50 feet when we came upon two moms and their kids in the playground area and they were also curious. At that point, Bhu started complaining loudly "Me want HOME NOW!" He is getting used to it, though, and we often find him sleeping in it.


Meg said...

I am jealous! Perhaps I should invest in one of these for the furry ones in my house. They certainly try hard enough to escape and get run over (or display in some other way that they have no idea about how outdoor fun=death). What a trendsetter Bhu is!

Goma said...

Oh Bhu!! You is such a beautiful kitteh in this blue carrier!! me lov it!! I always go to outsides and me think scary sometimez but just look around you see beez and boids it is fun!!