Saturday, April 19, 2008

First BBQ Big Success!

We stoked up the grill today for the first time this season and here you can see a plate of sirloin tip burgers and brats. Making your mouth water?? Although these look dry, they were unbelievably juicy. Some say "use chuck" for the best burgers.
Guess it depends on whether you want them to taste good or squirt all over you! I like mine well done with only ice cold Claussen Kosher pickle slices. Mark adds the kitchen sink (catsup, mustard, mayo, pickles, cheese and sprouts if we have them).
Today was the first live Goma Show featuring Sachie. It was really fun! Bhu watched for a bit but then wondered why we weren't paying attention to him. Throughout it all, he maintained his dignity and tried not to show any jealousy.
Went to the eye doctor Thursday and my eyes are getting better. Huh?? Just checking, but are frames $300 to $800 where you live? Our insurance pays up to $130 for frames if they are purchased in network; only $47 if out of network. So I think the last time I saw a pair of frames for $130 was in the 20th century. Frames are WAAAAYYY ugly now, too. Think I'm gonna dig around and try to find my old '60's gold wire rims. Oh, BTW, red rims, ala Sally Jesse, are making a comeback.

Well, darlings, Earth Day is tomorrow! Also, Happy Birthday Scott!! Happy Birthday Dawtah Dearist! xxooo smootchy smootchy PSP

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Nice Brats!