Friday, January 25, 2019

Sleep Study

Medical Bling:  some of the most expensive accessories in the world!
 PATTY:  This month I've been having a lot of medical adventures from experimenting with new medicines to enduring yet another sleep study this week.  I can't sleep in hospitals (unless anesthesia is involved, and I don't consider that to be "sleep"); I can barely sleep in my own bed!  Each one of the wires in this photo was attached to my body, including my head.  Those on my head were glued on with goop-I-don't-even-know-what-it-was, so all the hair on my head, except for the ponytail, was gooped up.  Fortunately, I brought a hat for the morning trip home. 

The Sleep Expert at work.
Daffy seems to be able to sleep anywhere, any time, any place.  She's laying on her special scarf (which started out as a cowl for me).  The wool is really spongey and the texture of the knit pattern is such that she likes to knead it as if she was a little kitten again.  She gets this blissful look on her face and she kneads away; so happy.  It's nice and warm for her, too. 

So, who's sick of winter already?  Raise hands!  ME!  I want to be a snowbird.  I want to leave this cold, snowy Minnesota-like land and go somewhere warm from December to March.  How can I do that and where would I go? 

In the meantime, stay warm and dry.  xoxo


Katie Isabella said...

Mommy went down that road 5 years ago, and it was NOT fun. BUT it was needed as it turns out. She did get about 4 hours actual sleep toward the end of the study. How anyone could sleep with all that stuff is beyond her. But she managed including a nightmare s\at the end;...where an armed man jumped out of the cupboard to get her! Made her holler, so they came straight in to unhook her. It was 6 in the morning by then, so it was all over. That goop in the hair was horrible to the extreme. And Daffy, you'll get used to the CPAP. Mom has the little "pillow" one. But those folks she knows with the full face ones, still have their cats roosting on their chesticles.

Caren Gittleman said...

oh my I am so sorry you are going through all of this. I stay up too late but I can pretty much sleep anywhere.

Unknown said...

Koster Ricker and that way you're out of Trump's Nazi American Empire also!

Katie Isabella said...

Come on...come out and play with us kitties.

Seems you had a troll come by.