Friday, November 11, 2011


Every November 11, we remember and try to honor veterans. Almost everyone has one in their family, even me. My brother-in-law (Vietnam) and father-in-law (Korea) served and my late father fought in the Big One. Sometime during the '80s, he created a set of four journals to describe his experiences and these two are a sample. No, this is not photoshopped; it's for-real hand printed and the drawings are THAT SIZE and water-colored by hand. When he died, I went back East for the funeral and found the journals by accident. Wish I could get them published. Maybe someday!

And then today is 11-11-11. Last night I thought how I wished I had made a record of what I did on 01-01-01, 02-02-02, 03-03-03, etc. I know that LH's son was born on 09-09-09, but that's the only one I remember. I suppose I could go back through all my e-mail archives and try to figure it out, but if it wasn't important to me then I guess it's too late.

I have got a disk FILLED with photos of projects, new fabrics, and Bhu KEWTness and I promise I will post at least some of it this weekend. xxoo Patty



Yes, you should get them published! I am betting a military magazine would love to get their hands on his story!

My dad served during the Korean war, My first FIL and My FIL in WW2, my MIL in WW2, My husband during Vietnam and Dessert Storm, My son and nephew during the Iraq war. The one that served the longest was my hubby. (22 years) Yep, we were a military family.

My SIL turned 50 today! 11/11/11. Her dad was so tickled when she was born on Veteran's Day.

Angel and Kirby said...

You are very lucky to have your Dad's journals! My Dad wrote and self published His war memories. We cherish his book. He was in a part of the Army that liberated an all woman labor camp , concentration camp. Years later he made a leap of faith and contacted the mayor of the town to get information. A month later, after giving up, he received a letter from a man in California who was the brother in law of that mayor and had married one of the women that was released. She send him her memories and he wrote a second book but passed away before he finished the last chapter. y sister and I are trying to write a conclusion and get this one published. I have considered contacting Tom Brokaw because he was collecting stories like your Dad and mine wrote.