Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks, Part 1

I saw this project on a sewist's blog and it is so screechingly simple. I could make a hundred of these in one day, I bet. I don't want to, but I could. Right after I made this I realized I had no tissues to insert. A few minutes later I had to move two full-size quilts into the quilt closet but there were four vintage purses in the way, so moved them out and put the quilts in. I decided to clean out the purses and found lots of money and stuff and a little purse-sized packet of tissues!! Perfect!
This ornament will be a gift. I had a bit of fun making a box for it and a "nametag" (free-motion wrote the giftee's name in red on white batting, pinked the edges, slit the batting and slipped red ribbon through it). Getting the buttons for this was a three-hour process because I got side-tracked sorting through a gallon-sized bag of buttons! Remember when the buttons on pea coats had anchors on them? I found a lot of woven leather buttons from preppy tweeds we used to wear in the olden days.

"We thank efurryone who visits here and hope you all have many good people in your lives. It doesn't matter if you have a sumptuous meal; only if you have love in your heart!" xxoo Bhu
Ditto! xxoo Patty & Sabryin

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving, Part 1

Several years ago, my DD gave Sabryin a really cool fleece hat that she made from a pattern. He loved it and so did I. However, there was only one hat and two heads that wanted to wear it! So I asked her to make me one, but that never happened. So some weeks ago I finally broke down and got some colorful fleece at JoAnn Fabrics and used our only hat to make a pattern. May I introduce to you: PINKY! Isn't she purrty? Confession: it took me four days to figure out how to make a pom-pom (you'll note there are FIVE on the hat). It fits, it is warm and I love it and I am almost certain I will not have to worry about Sabryin borrowing it. I thank him very much for never complaining when I borrowed his.

What do you think, Bhu? "Too much PINKS! AND, there seems to be something missing here . . . like mai FANCEE FEEST!"

P.S. Many, many thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for the super cool new banner!! We love you, Ann! "Ok, mom, and say that I love Maggy, too." You just did, Bhu. xxoo

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I finally finished it! The photo shows the blocks on the floor awaiting the final sewing, which took about three hours because it was SO HEAVY! My poor little feed dogs were wimpin' out on me. Now I know why I don't do this often! For a small quilt or a lap-size, qayg is not a problem. But for a queen-size . . . just too heavy. But I LOVE it! And I got it done before the snow flies! :-)

These are some new fabrics that I am going to use for projects this winter:
--Amy Butler fabrics that were on sale 40% last month. No way I was gonna pass that up!
--Flora fabrics from Moda that I saw last week. I was going to order these online, but there they were, right in front of the store calling my name! So I got one yard of each and 7 threads for the price of 4 in the right colors. These are going to be my bull's eye quilt!
Aside from this, I have been really busy at work. We have been having "fake summer" again and I just love this weather! Unfortunately, it will get cold again and April is a long way off. Haven't had time for blogging and very little for sewing, but the time I spend at the machine is always the most fun and satisfying! I've also been reading a LOT of books, including at least a dozen "new" quilting/sewing books written by twenty-somethings. There is quite a different perspective, from the fabrics to the patterns and the quilting. The quilts and fabrics remind me very much of those made during the depression: lots of bright colors and white! I still love the 1800's repros, but I love these "new" fabrics, too.

Tonight I spent a couple of hours making a chili mother for the school's annual chili/chowder cook-off. I actually have a chance to win because Dr. Sampson is NOT making his shrimp creole this year! He has won two years in a row. I don't really care if I win: this is a fundraiser so we can buy presents for our adopted family. I just hope there's enough food for everyone and that we make LOTS of money! I let Mark taste the chili mother and he didn't like it. Maybe when I put in the beans, he will change his mind. He is such a purist.

Bhu is being very lovey. He enjoyed having a new quilt to "baptize," and I enjoy seeing his bright blues glow when he sees it for the first time. "Oh, good! More quilts fur ME!" That's right, Bhu. It's all for you! xxoo

Friday, November 11, 2011


Every November 11, we remember and try to honor veterans. Almost everyone has one in their family, even me. My brother-in-law (Vietnam) and father-in-law (Korea) served and my late father fought in the Big One. Sometime during the '80s, he created a set of four journals to describe his experiences and these two are a sample. No, this is not photoshopped; it's for-real hand printed and the drawings are THAT SIZE and water-colored by hand. When he died, I went back East for the funeral and found the journals by accident. Wish I could get them published. Maybe someday!

And then today is 11-11-11. Last night I thought how I wished I had made a record of what I did on 01-01-01, 02-02-02, 03-03-03, etc. I know that LH's son was born on 09-09-09, but that's the only one I remember. I suppose I could go back through all my e-mail archives and try to figure it out, but if it wasn't important to me then I guess it's too late.

I have got a disk FILLED with photos of projects, new fabrics, and Bhu KEWTness and I promise I will post at least some of it this weekend. xxoo Patty

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dona Nobis Pacem

Can we haz PEACE pleeze? November 4 is Blog for Peace Day and if you want to join you can get details on Mimi's blog and also find links to all the people and pets who would like to have Global Peace. And, if you want to wear your peaceful heart on your sleeve, visit Peace Kitty. Mai mom sez it almost NEVER happens that someone will ask you why you want to have peace instead of war. So, tell me why we still has war then?

P.S. Mai mom sez she 'polojyzes fur not blogging more lately. She has a disk full of photos to share. "Yes, some very handsome shots of you, Bhu! Just in case your lady friends are getting lonely for a peek at those luscious blue eyes of yours." xxoo