Friday, July 15, 2011

sizzzzzlin' hot summer daze

Very hot and humid with unspeakable heat index! Nothing to do but take a nap:

or let Summer dry your laundry for free:

or sit back and watch the double daylily and purple liatris grow:

or notice that there is a "mystery" squash growing in one of the compost bins:

or sew all of your little Broken Crockery blocks together in color ways because you can't decide how to "randomize" them:

and then start a new quilt.


Angel and Kirby said...

We agree those are great ways to beat the heat. Especially the nap or quilting!

Katnip Lounge said...

Mystery squash! We're intrigued.
Mommy loves the quilting idea.

Sweet Purrfections and Angel Praline said...

I either stay inside with the AC or get into the pool.

I have a new blog set up for the future kittens. Come on over and visit.

Mom Paula

Fuzzy Tales said...

It looks like you're having a wonderful summer, in spite of the heat!

Anonymous said...

Love-fur-ly! Fun times! Poppa did suggest a good way to randomize quilt blocks...dice! Probably not your idea of craftmanship, though!


Such lovely quilt blocks! Certainly time to stay indoors with all of this heat! Sometimes I wished we lived out west. The dry heat is more bearable. TG for air conditioning! Have you ever considered shaving Bhu for summer? LOL