Sunday, April 26, 2009


Bhu, what're you doin' in the stroller?
"Go fur walk, K? Me see outsidez!"
Okay, let's see what's happenin' out there.
Look at the pink puddle!!
"Why itz pink?"
Crabapple blossoms. Pretty, huh?

"Ooooo, look! BOID!" Yes, she's a very funny bird. Looks like a robin on the bottom and a woodpecker on the top. She looks nice and snug!

WOW! Look, Bhu! Pea Sprouts!! YAY!! "Taste like fancee feest?" No, tastes BETTER!

"Me likes spring. Thanks fur ride, mom!" My pleasure, Bhu. xxoo Patty

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring at Skypants B&B

Our glorious crabapple tree. Everyday I look for seedlings to pop up out of the ground and am disappointed. Maybe today!

Our carport bird nest is occupied again! Hope you are all having a happy spring! xxoo Patty

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Mai gawjus gurlfurrends Maggy an' Zoey looks purrity KEWT all dressed up as eester eggs, doncha think?? xxoo Bhu

Grow! Grow! Grow Dammit!!

Ain't Bhu cute today? He is all twisty! It's another gloomy day, but yesterday was pretty nice so we planted potatoes, broccoli raab, lettuce, and bok choy. No sign of the seeds we planted last week. GROW DAMMIT, GROW!! It's been so cold, I'm not surprised. I have too much to plant and not enough prepared garden beds. Sabryin and I are on vacation this week and, YES WE ARE BOTH SICK so already we are behind on our list of fun things to do. Tomorrow Mr. Leeper is expected to install two new windows, shutters and window boxes, but it's supposed to rain, so we shall see. How's YOUR garden? xxoo Patty

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life is Grand Award!

We getz this award from Ginger Jasper, one of my best furrends! Mai mom just LUVS GJ and coos and carries on whenever she sees him. Anyway, the rules for this award are that U has to tell five things that make life grand and give the award to some of ur other furrends. So me gets to go furst an' tell u whut makes mai life grand:

(1) mai mom's pets, belleh rubs and ear scritches; (2) playing with mai Poppy; (3) Fancy Feest; (4) sunny windowsills; (5) boxes!!

So then me gives the awardz to (1) Wanda and all her kittehs at Afrayed of Fibers; (2) Annabelle & Zuzu; (3) Maggy & Zoey; (4) The Whiz; an (5) Green Gracious.

You'd think it was spring, but . . .

we're expecting snow tonight and a hard freeze. We did some work in the garden yesterday and had some fun. Planted peas, snow peas, daikon radishes, pink lipstick chard and we had many other seeds to plant but it was just so windy the finer seeds would have blown right out of our hands.
Mark deconstructed the old compost bin and we used the cinderblocks to make a border for the flower garden out back. Most people take photos when they have finished a project, but you get to see it at the very start! LOL! That very, very dark soil you see in the garden is compost we emptied from one of our garbage can composters. Looks pretty good for such a low-cost, low maintenance operation! I've got two more out back that seem to be doing pretty well also. We are using the garbage can for potato planting.

Bhu watches from the window thinking "What's these beans doin' now? Why they not here to pet me and give me foodz? They better come back soon. Me iz gettin' hungry."

Thursday, April 2, 2009

3 Floofies in a Box!

Maggie: Bhu, you smells good!!
Bhu: Hmmmm, my box is nice an' warm! Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thous?
Romeo: My box always feels better after Maggy's visited!

Purry, purr, purrs, three floofies in a box!

xxoo Patty

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Who's sleeping in my box? Who's Who? What's wrong with this picture? Click here and here! Stop by tomorrow to see if the mystery is solved! xxoo Patty