Saturday, February 21, 2009

Okay . . .

Ain't he purrity? This is "Bhu the Colorful Cat" by Ann of Zoolatry. She is so talented and so generous! Bhu sez: "Me laiks Maggy an' Zooey, too! They iz so FLOOFY!"

There are a few things that you always worry about and hope will never happen. For me, those things ALWAYS happen at 5 o'clock on Friday or two in the morning, ya know? Like, for instance, coming home after working all week and finding that your water heater has sprung a leak! Lovely: No hot water for the weekend! Sabryin and I have opted to take vacation Monday and we were planning to relax and have fun, but I guess that's not gonna happen. Now I have 48 hours to decide if I want to get a tankless water heater. If you know anything about them, pro or con, leave a comment.

Unfortunately, I have about four loads of laundry to do; fortunately, I always use cold water. Unfortunately, we got snow last night; fortunately, only a little. Unfortunately, it's very windy today; fortunately, the temperature is over 32 and the sun is shining. Unfortunately, Bhu still has fleas. xxoo Patty


pughy said...

Oh what a bummer, just when you were going to get to relax bang goes something to spoil it.
I love the beautiful coloured cat pictures, they go a long way to send out some good vibes.
Hope you get the boiler sorted.
Hugs Ginger Jasper xx

Sweet Praline said...

Mom thought she was back in the 70s for a minute. That's a cool graphic.

So sorry things messed up your weekend. I hope better days are ahead!

Willo said...

Thanks for stopping by today! I adore the picture to the right of the road and the autumn trees. It is breathtaking!!!


oh Bhu you is psychedelic Bhu!! so cool!!! Ann is super talented!!!!! I am glad you has new water machinez!!