Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stalker Bhu

Bhu likes to get in this box and watch me while I'm at the computer. He likes hiding behind the paper and then all I can see are his little blue eyes.
Whatcha doin' Bhu?
"Me iz watchin U. Waitz fer U to getz up from chair an then me POUNCEZ! Catch U!"
Pretty exciting! Don't you get bored watching me? I mean, I hardly move except for my hands.
"U getz up more, me pouncez more. No move, me nap."

Today I am very unhappy, worrying about retirement, employment, health, lack of wealth, and about the schlep I have become. I've gone beyond being angry about my circumstances to utter self-loathing. And now I must do laundry, go to grocery store, and try to find a healthier food for Bhu.

A brief commentary about the plane landing on the Hudson River: YAY Gray Hair Pilot!! He had only a few seconds to make a decision (crash here, crash there, possibly land here) and he chose to make a rescue possible. YAY New Jersey transit ferry captains who were on the scene first, followed rapidly by all the little tugs, who started the rescue immediately. Never underestimate the capacity for Heroism that lurks in the hearts of Noo Yawkas and Joisey guys! Proud of you! xxoo Patty


Sweet Praline said...

Hey Bhu! What 'cha been up to? You keep a good eye on your mom and keep her young!

Come on over. I have a fire today!


Bhu just want mom's attenshuns!!! wee himmyz like our mom all for ourselves!! and weeeee can get away from it hehehe!!

Ohh Patty, I am the same way, this bad-economy affecting all of us...even in japan!! Please feel better soon I know Bhu can help you just snuggle his belleh and listen his puuuur!

MoMo said...

Thankyou for the kind welcome at Floof and Fur. It's nice to meet you! Come and visit me down under any time!

MacVet said...

When my beans are on the puter, I like to lie on the keyboard which makes them suddenly talk and walk funny, like they're dancing a mad dance.