Sunday, January 11, 2009

Flying Bhu!

Wow, Bhu! That looks very athletic!
"Me iz praktising flying so me can ketch boids. Me writz to Hepper guy an axs if he can maekz wings fer me."
That's very ambitious. I like your scientific approach to the problem of catching birds. But I LIKE birds, Bhu. They are pretty and they sing and they catch bugs that eat my plants.
"Hmmm. Me eatz yer plants, too. Will boids catch ME?"
Not if you stay inside.
"Then me iz praktising showing mai belleh for Kitty Bellys blog."



hai Bhu I thought you is practising model pose but NO u is flyingz!! Me is sure Hepper guy can make u wingz!! your bellyz always puuurfect for kittybellys!!! in fact mai mom wants this photo to be there so you can tell other kitteh about your flying poses!!

Mittens said...

You're so floofy and handsome, no wonder Praline can't choose between you and Goma.

Sweet Praline said...

Hi Bhu! I love your belly pose! You can fly over to see me anytime! Please be careful eating those plants because some of them aren't good for kitties. My mom keeps silk plants indoor here so I won't eat them.

needlewings said...

Me thinks Bhu should have a cape instead of wings. Easier to make and you would have Super Bhu!!! lol

needlewings said...

Oh, forgot to say, Bhu might like the bigger birds on my blog. lol

Muddy said...

You are a very beautiful kitty, too!