Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cat Purrezident Elections

Bhu is very confused about this election. He LUVS Sweet Praline and agrees that compulsory pampering is, indeed, a good thing for all kittehs! But he also thinks that Maggy's platform is a good one. Sweet P has all the experience, whereas Maggy is much younger and less experienced, although she has caught our eye with her Floof-atude!
To vote for your favorite or to view the other candidates, click on the photo.
P.S. Bhu is hoping the winner will consider him for the Ambassadorship to France. He is purracticing his furrench right now!

Click to visit the polling booth.


The Creek Cats said...

What a tough choice!!!

Sweet Praline said...

Oh Bhu, I will still love you no matter who you vote for and how the election turns out. As long as I continue to get pampered, I am happy. I just want every kitty to have the same luxury that I do.

Misha said...

If I win I'll make you Ambassador to France (even though you didn't vote for me *sobs*).

Anonymous said...

And those of us keeping up with Bhu (and co.) from France will be waiting to see you installed at the Concorde. Quite an improvement, I am sure, over Mr. Stapleton, whom I presume has already flown back to America.