Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Noo Yeerz Effurrybuddy!

Goma, Minna, Annabelle, Zuzu, Muddy, Myst, Sweet Praline, Maggie, Zoey, Billie and all our Floof & Furr furrends! We hopez U haz lotsa LUV an' fancee feest in 2009! xxoo Patty, Bhu and Sabryin


Sweet Praline said...

Happy New Year, Bhu! I hope you have a wonderful new year!

Don't worry, you are still my first boyfriend.

MacVet said...

Hoppy Hoppy Mew Ear, beeooteeful thing!!!



Happy Meow Year Bhu!!! you is such a good modelz looking right at cameraz!! you been practising model poses?? mee and mai mom thanks you for being such a gud friends and wee wish you become more gud friends in this years!! love, xoxoxoxo

Mittens said...

Happy New Year, you look incredibly cute.