Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day after election Blues

Well, unfortunately Goma's fantastic, almost perfect campaign promises of Cheezburgers for ALL did not glean the votes required to be elected Purresident. Bummer! Oh well, there's always 2012.

About the holly bushes: Yes, there are male and female bushes and you don't get berries unless you have both. The nursery people will tell you it takes one male for every three or four females (isn't that always the way?), and my male must have been particularly active this summer!!! Actually, I remember there were lots of bees this spring and I was very excited about that because they are, of course, the pollinators.


Sweet Praline said...

Yes, Goma can always try again in 2012!

Thanks for sharing about the holly bushes! Not only is the cat blog entertaining, but it is educational, too!


Hello!! This is sachie, Goma has been feeling kind of blue because he couldn't win the presidency...but I think he made up his mind now that he will become the world's best super model lol!! come and see his glamor shot at his blog...i must warn you it might be too much!! Thank you so much for encouraging Goma!! I am sure he will be fine, because modeling job is much more fun i think.

Tesla & Hansel said...

iz terrible fing dem did to meh man pants kitteh butt. i didna like!

Kim said...

Anna says: Bhu, you can has be Seketeri of Statez! You can, cuz you have AMAZIN RECOVERY FROM SICK POWERS! Vote for Bhu!