Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sept. 27 -- A Sad Day

Last year, on this day, at 10:45 a.m., Pretty Sofie died. She was born in May 1989 in our bedroom closet and I chose her from the litter of four to say with us. Her siblings (Magellan, Everest, and Winston) were adopted by a pumpkin farmer. She was the best lap cat ever, but she had a nasty habit of thinking the world was her bathroom. I remember taking her to the vet early on and the woeful telephone call: "I have good news and bad news. She's a very healthy kitty, but she has behavioral problems." He might as well have been talking about ME! She hated Bhu and he hated her, but their evil games were fun to watch!
So, Bhu, do you miss Sofie? "No, me do notz! Okay, maybe a little. Me liked to jumpz on her back and chase her thru house. Me liked jumping on bed and scaring her so she HISSSS at me! She hiss and growl, very meanz to me. Where she goez?" We'll talk about that later Bhu. "See mah belleh? Happy Birthday, Sweet P!"

God rest the soul of Paul Newman. He was super hot in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Quilting this one right now. I get really hung up on trying to do continuous line quilting, but I can't seem to work that out on this one. Doesn't matter. If I was quilting it by hand, it wouldn't be continuous line either. I have about 50 more of these blocks, so I guess I will be making more of these little quilts!

Finally, a sobering note: half the people who are going to vote in the upcoming presidential election don't know that if something happens to the president, the vice president takes over. Think it can't happen? Remember Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson and Gerald Ford? Peace Out, Babies!


Sweet Praline said...

I am so sorry to hear about Sophie. So, Bhu and Sophie never adjusted to each other? That has been one of my fears if I were to bring another kitten here with Praline. I fear that at 13, she wouldn't need the stress of a kitten, especially since she has been the only cat in the house.

Mr. Bhu, your belly is adorable. Praline says I have permission to rub it. She says thank you for the birthday wishes!


hai Bhu!! your stomach iz oo cute to resist!! mai mom is dying to touch it. Me don't know why humans like out stomachs too much... ohh, Pretty Sofie was so beautiful!! very nice looking kitteh!! it is so sweet you remember her day. I like your quiltingz!! me think you should make cat quits!! dat would be awesome isn't it???

Sabryin's Game Blog said...

I love that's very comforting to my psyche.