Saturday, August 23, 2008

Prince and the Pea!

"Look, see throne bedz mai mom makez for me? Me comfy, sleep now, go awayz!" Truly a lucky boy, but he doesn't know it. If there was a pea in there, do you think he'd feel it? Bhu never knows when a pile of quilts is gonna show up and he is always ready to "test" it. This one looks slightly tipsy, but I think he's figured out exactly where his butt should be so he doesn't fall over!
The compost tea harvest has slowed down a bit as the weather cooled off. It's hot again, so I'm reserving some empty liter bottles for the next harvest. I gave someone a bottle of the Skypants Compost Tea (Undiluted) and she put it on her office plants and exclaims that over the weekend her plants grew two inches. This is unconfirmed, but I have no reason to not believe it. Nevertheless, you can see the composter is in a cozy spot; very unobtrusive.

Overnight our town has grown by 30,000, all under 22. Suddenly, there are traffic accidents everywhere, it takes 15 minutes to drive a block and a half, and the boom boom never stops. Mark reports the tailgate tents were up already last night.

Feeling a little better! Love & Hugs to you all! xxoo P


Sweet Praline said...

Hi Bhu! Long time, no see! Don't you just love to lie down on top of a pile of clothes or quilts? Great to see you again.


hai Bhu!! your mom made a bed for u?? dat is soooooo cool!! me no has beds cuz me sleep everywhere anytime me feel like it!! mai mo say she is glad your mom feel better now. Bhu you did good job takin care of herrr!!

needlewings said...

Miss Fritzie sey " Meouwsa, What a hot looking cat in a fancy bed! Looks really comfy! Can I come and snuggle in your quilt?"

Sherry said...

Absolutely love your avatar and quilt kitty. I have 2 siamese, one seal point, one blue point and one Blue Russian mix. Gotta love those kittens.