Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's Hot but it's not

We are finally having summer, and it will be coming to you soon! Mark put on his Indiana Jones hat today and braved the heat and humidity to mow. It's brutal, like Louisiana. So maybe we need to change the name of the hat to Louisiana Jones. Whatever. My oven does not go on if the temps are over 78, so everything has to be microwaved or crockpotted. Yesterday I made a crock pot meatloaf with potatoes. It was GOOD!! Actually, GREAT! Now, if anyone really even cares, I'm sorry to have so little time these days to chat. It's the busy time of the year for me and it won't end until mid-September. I am bottling up compost tea like crazy and I am also using a lot of it on the garden. It isn't killing anything I pour it on, so I'm assuming it's doing some good. A critter ate my first large round red tomato and my impatiens. 'bits or 'chucks, not sure. Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!! xxoo P

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Sweet Praline said...

Hi Stranger! Mom says totell you we truly understand being busy.

It was over 100 in South Carolna yesterday. It was so hot, it was ovr 80 degrees inside our house and that was with the air condition ON.