Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hai! Mai Mom is Sick!

She's been in bed for three days. All her muscles ache and joints throb with pain. "Even my eyebrows hurt, Bhu." Hope she gets better soon. I try to make her feel better by tickling her face with mai wiskers and asking for pets, which she always loves to give me. I sleepz with her sometimez, but it's boring after a while!



GOMA;oh nowz!! me is sorry about your momz Bhu!! Meee likez mom sickz cuz me get mai mom all dayz!!! you have your mom 3 days all by your self bhu!! dat is awesomez!!

Sachie: OMG Goma what are you talking about!? Bhus mom is sick and sick means very very bad!! Say sorry!

GOMA: Me dont car!!!!!!!! Me honestz!!!!
Sachie: I am sorry guys...Goma is IMPOSSIBLE!!!! I hope you get well soon!!

Sabryin1 said...

Pour Bhu's Mom! I will focus my psychic healing energy upon her, what little I have! Get better!