Friday, August 8, 2008


Don't know if it is an unlucky day, but we came home to no dial tone or DSL last night. I'd planned to take off today for vacation (and, yes, I will not be at work on 090909, either) and wound up waiting for telephone dude to come by. Actually, I called telephone company and pitched a fit. We keep losing service since they put in that new telecom box down the street. Teleco is trying to tell me it's because "there were storms in the area." What a crock, I say, the storms were 60 miles away. I'm sorry, that's not EVEN CLOSE! It's time to find the problem and FIX IT, not just put a bandaid on it! We are in BIG trouble in this country. Our telecom infrastructure is corroding and Teleco doesn't care (or doesn't know what to do about it). Ironically, while I'm sitting there on hold after calling them on my cell phone, they kept playing this marketing schpiel about how you should always have a corded phone because in case of bad weather it will probably work. Then the customer "service" rep comes on and his excuse for no dial tone is "there were storms in the region." HUH? Yes, they think we're stupid and if we're not stupid then we're complacent and if we're not complacent then we're "difficult."

So while I was trapped at home by telebungling, I started quilting la Amy Butler charm quilt top and Bhu helped. When Sophie and Rachel still lived with us, Bhu would never come to the sewing room. As a matter of fact, whenever the tornado sirens went off we had to put him in the pet carrier and haul him to the basement because he wouldn't go voluntarily and he would always sit at the top of the stairs waiting for someone to open the door. Rachel crossed the bridge three years ago and Sophie crossed almost a year ago and, since then, he has relaxed more and actually comes to find me and hangs out with me down there.

Hope you're all getting a little cooler weather! xxoo


Sweet Praline said...

Don't you just hate it when the phone, cable or DSL goes out? Unfortunately, mom has all three with the same company so we are in triple trouble! Usually, we get the same comment - storm in the area.

Bhu, you are such a handsome man-cat. I have missed seeing you.



hai bhu!! you has stormz in your housez?? dat is scary!! me hope you and your mom iz ok!! too bad telephone died and your mom stressz!! you can paw punch your tell telephone and it will work! Buh try it!! dats mai mo do when tv dont work!!

needlewings said...

Love your kitty! Bet he's a real help! Glad you liked the bags, can hardly wait to see yours!

Sabryin's Game Blog said...

Maybe the Buh could prevent phone line outages, if he tried, no?