Sunday, July 27, 2008

Unspectacular Quirks . . . hmmmm

This is Sweet Praline (ain't she purrity? Bhu's in LOVE with her!). Sweet P tagged Bhu to list six of his most unspectacular quirks and he can't think of any, so he asked me to help. I, of course, think everything about Bhu is spectacular; it's so hard to think of him in any other way. But, for the sake of True LOVE, I will do my best.

1. Bhu likes to play "fetch" with a crocheted hackysack. It's his absolute favorite toy.

2. Since we're always talking about thinking "outside the box," Bhu sometimes experiments with that theory and it usually turns out to be mostly unpoopular, er I mean unpopular, with the beans (if you get my drift). Sorry, Bhu.

3. Bhu loves to eat roses, orchids and geraniums, in that order.

4. Bhu loves to lick the butter off his dad's plate when he has pancakes for breakfast. Dad's dramatically frivolous with the butter, so there's usually a good five minutes of lickin' on each pancake plate.

5. Bhu loves to lick his mom's fingers after she's eaten an olive but only if it's NOT been soaking in a Tanqueray martini.

6. If anyone is eating raw carrots anywhere in the house, upstairs or downstairs -- doesn't matter -- Bhu will gallop to the site and aggressively push his way between the eater and the carrot and snort and sniff frantically, purring heartily. If you give him a carrot, he will lick it and then lose interest.

We're also supposed to tag some other kitteh friends, but we only know Sweet P, Goma, Annabelle & Zuzu, and Prince Muddy Paws. Bhu says, "U gotta getz out more, Mom!" Okay, I'll try Bhu, but I've been really busy lately.

Yesterday, as I was bottling up my first batch of Skypants Compost Tea, two ladies drove by very slowly and then turned around and parked. Up the driveway they came and introduced themselves.
Turns out they were the original owners of the Skypants B&B, built back in the '50s. The mother and daughter, lovely ladies, both of them; I will invite them back some time for tea. Well, darlings, it's time for the Sunday ritual to begin: quilting shows, ironing, and a little bit of quilting. Hope you are happy and healthy today!! xxoo P


Sweet Praline said...

How nice to get to know your little quirks! We must work on the "out of the box" quirk though. The beans don't like that too much.

Thanks for playing the meme.

ZOOLATRY said...

Hi Bhu... we've found you in a rather round-a-bout way, but nonetheless it's nice to meet you! We are Maggy & Zoey, two himalayans that live at Zoolatry, come visit us sometime. We'd also like to invite you to join the Floof & Fur Club (you definitely qualify)... so contact us by email if you're interested. Bye now...


wow Bhu!! you is very interesting cat!!you eat roses and butterz too?? you can do fetch too? you is smarts!! fanks for tag mee Bhu! mai mom already posted mai quirks on blogz!!