Saturday, June 14, 2008

Flying Burrito Brothers!

Bhu is napping peacefully, dreaming of boidz and bugz and suddenly there is a commotion under the table!
It's the HUMAN BURRITO! "Yikes!! What is happening?? I go look!" I made a cover for our 3" memory foam mattress pad but was having a bit of difficulty getting the pad into the cover. Mark, always the hero, decided he would be more successful at manipulating the cloth and the foam if he burrowed in. This is typically Bhu's schtick (he will burrow into ANYTHING), so he's wondering how he missed out on this fun! I love the fabric (from the stash, purchased in the 80's . . . a gorgeous batik).

Today, we all wish Sachie HAPPY BIRTHDAY (singing very loudly and clapping YAY)! xxoo P


SACHIE said...

Yey Patty thank you so much for wishing me happy b-day!! Today I finally got AC for Goma and meee!! It is great gift for both of us!! Yey! Goma is very happy now that he doesnt have to melt on the floor!! Bhu is so cute sleeping!! Human burrito is very tempting!! too much funz!!

needlewings said...

Hey Patrice! The years go by quickly! Glad you found my blog and have enjoyed reading yours. Love your cat photos! Sadly Poor old Zeker is now in kitty heaven. We certainly made up for it though and have 6 indoor cats, 1 stray outdoor and 1 muscovy duck!
I am working on another out of the blue piece I hope to have finished later today! Totally out of the blue. lol so check my blog again. You can see part of our" animal farm" on my web at on the last page:) Wanda