Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bunnies Eat My Beans

We have about a hundred quilts in our house, most made by Moi, and Bhu enjoys every single one. I have a report that Kyle received his quilt and is happy with it and Scott wants me to make one for him that is "nature inspired." I thought immediately of this quilt, but I think it might be too elementary. You know me; I LOVE the scrappy look. Bhu's trying to look fierce in the second photo; actually, he's yawning. In the photo above, notice how he crosses his paws . . . so dignified. Hmmmm, do you think we have enough books?

It's a beautiful day and we worked on the adopt-a-spot this morning and then Mark and I went to Lowe's to get a couple of Knock-Out Roses and a soaker hose for the spot. The irrigation system at the spot is broken, so Jerry and Jim and trying to fix it. In my own garden, Mark built two raised beds this morning and we will fill those with dirt this week. It's a little late for planting, I know, but there are still a lot of things that can be planted and grow before the first frost. The thing about a raised bed is you can also build a cover -- like a tent -- to prolong the growing season. We seem to have a profusion of bunnies, some of who ate all my wax bean plants this week!! We are going to have to put a little chicken wire fence around each bed to keep the bunnies out. Any other suggestions would be welcome!

I haven't had time to take photos of the garden or the hollyhocks or the adopt-a-spot or the raised beds, but I will sometime today and post tomorrow, I hope. In the meantime, enjoy your day! xxoo P


SACHIE said...

yey! Bhu!! you is such pretty pose picturez! mai mom love your quitz!! i is glad your mom had good day!

Sabryin's Game Blog said...

You don't have enough books, and I suggest that you put a little chicken wire fence around each bed to keep the bunnies out. And don't forget to pet Bhudda, he looks like he needs affection!