Saturday, May 31, 2008


Our (by invitation only) farewell lunch for Penny was so FUN, but so sad. I will miss her A LOT!! Do you remember when we said farewell to Megan about six months ago? They worked in the same office. There is a lot of conventional "wisdom" about what it takes to succeed in the world of work, but as with everything else in life, it's a crapshoot. Doesn't matter if you have all the right stuff. What if your boss SUCKS? What if your organization is completely DYSFUNCTIONAL? For those of you out there who think "this will never happen to ME," you are completely delusional. Hard work begets hard work and loyalty does not earn the like in kind. AMEN.

This is Kyle's quilt, which will be mailed Monday. We had a little accident with a bag of microwave popcorn the other day (well, I say "we" but I really mean "I") and the house filled with smoke. We opened all the windows and aired the place out, but you know how natural fibers are: they absorb odors. So the quilt is taking a breath of fresh air today before being packed up and sent away.

Poor Bhu had to go to the Vet yesterday. He HATES her! As soon as she enters the room, he hisses and growls and behaves just HORRIBLY! I am SO MORTIFIED when this happens! Well, she had to stick him in the butt with a needle and he was writhing so much that the needle pulled out and she had to stick him again. Anyway, the poor little guy was feeling so sorry for himself, but eventually he forgave me and we are BFFL again! One good thing: he has gained weight! There's more of him to love! The GATO rules the world! xxoo P

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Gerri said...

So glad Bhu is feeling better. Poor guy! Kyle's quilt is beautiful, even if you aren't thrilled with the color combo. It isn't your quilt, so don't stress over it.