Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's a Lena Horne Day

It's 9 in the morning but it's dark as night. Unfortunate, since I bragged to Gerri yesterday about my garden and by the time this rain ends I'm sure the rose petals will be on the ground, not on the bush! Here we are folding quilts, which Bhu misinterpreted: "Oh, mai mom is making tentz for me! Yay! I go in!"

In other news, got Kyle's quilt back and will be putting on the binding this weekend, since it's supposed to rain the next five days. Linda did a great job, as usual, and VERY fast! See the sidebar for her url. We also got the memory foam mattress for LR camping and I will be making a cover for it from stash fabrics. That was also a fast transaction via (All Sleep).

As for the garden, if it clears up a bit this afternoon, I'll take photos of the hydrangea and roses. TA DA: we have arugula and turnips, too!

At this moment, Mark is delivering this Hunter's Star quilt to the Professor, whose wife recently had their fifth child. I like the back, too. It's one of my favorite patterns for boy baby quilts, although the only other one I've made was for my grandnephew Gavin.

Stay dry! xxoo P

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SACHIE said...

Goma: Oh dats nice tentz Bhu!! you go campingz?? Me never go campingz, me want try!! Mai mom say it is fun!! I hope it is yummyz!! nice quit you have, me like it a lot!!