Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bhu on Wheels!

It's HERE and it is so much fun! First, the "cab" is detachable and can be used to transport Bhu to Josie's and the Vet (much easier for whimpy Mom)! Bhu seems comfy in there. I didn't hear any complaints but, as with anything new in his world, he reserves judgment. It has been very windy today so we did not take him very far. Tomorrow: the PARK!! We join the Pet Brigade! Goma, want to come for a ride?!

However, Mr. Bhu prefers the box in which it came. Pet Traveling System


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's very funny! I had a hard enough time convincing my hubby to wheel our grandson in his carriage - a cat???? Never!


Kim said...

Oh boy, congratulations Bhu! I think Zu would be scared of it, but Anna would love it.

Bhu is BEAUTIFUL too, by the way!

Goma said...

weee lookz very funz!! me want that stroller too!! i want go outside with u bhu!! u and me can be BCFFz!