Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Bhu has been complaining that we don't talk about him enough, nor do we post enough photos of him and that's why his fan base is not as large as Goma's. I see photos of cats in boxes all over the internet, but most don't have the same colorful, interesting options available to Bhu. If he desires, he can nap in the Roman Empire or the Battle of Waterloo even WWII! What a lucky cat, indeed! As you can see, he has all that a cat could desire: lots of boxes, lots of quilts and many, many furry mice (both with and without jingles inside) with which to play. Not to mention scads of colorful dice and lotsa little ships, soldiers and monsters of every ilk!

Kiss your kitteh today! xxoo p


Sabryin's Game Blog said...

Me big Buddha fan! But Goma good cat too!

Goma said...

Bhu you can has box too? Dat's koolz!! Me like to fit in small boxez and me can fit in because I am not fat!!mai mom tell me I is!