Monday, March 17, 2008

Patty's Parade (don't rain on it)!

Always loved this parade! I'm not at all Irish, except back in the 19th Century one of my ancestors married Annabelle O'Leary in New York City. Should you be wearin' the Green, a Happy Day to Ye!

Bhu's got a new spot for napping: next to Winston (the Rescue Teddy Bear). We have a number of Rescue Teddys, but Winston is the only grey bear. He came with the bowtie. One thing about Patty: she can anthropomorphize just about anything. For a number of years every time I went to a yard sale and saw an orphaned Teddy, I felt I had to rescue it, bring it home, launder it and give it a nice spot as a home. However, this only seems to work with the vintage Teddys as I do not have similar feelings for the 21st century variety. (Bhu warns, "Look, I'm not Irish, I'm HIMALAYAN! Don't come near me with that green bandana or I'll use these teeth!)

I have created a Massachusetts Cross & Crown tutorial and will be adding it soon. Today it rains and rains and rains and we even had about five sustained minutes of pea-sized hail (I'm CWAZY for hail!). Ducky weather, babycakes! XXOP


Anonymous said...

One of your ancestors married Annabelle O'Leary, but she is not your ancestor. Ok. Did she have a cow and move to Chicago? Or move to Chicago and get a cow there?

sabryin said...

Love your DUCK!

Patty said...

He loves YOU! xxoo