Sunday, October 16, 2016


PATTY:  Well, Sab and I are so thrilled to be celebrating this BIG birthday with Bhu!  We love him with all our hearts!  Here are just a few photos of Bhu through the years.  Unfortunately, I lost one of my jump drives that has most of the photos from the first ten years. 

BHU:  Stellar work, Mom! 

In the beginning:  just a little kitteh with a happy future!! 

The Adolescent Bhu was just as confident as he is today!  Quilts make the mancat!

In the spotlight:  in his Purrfessional acting role from As the Paw Turns!

Demonstrating one of his many yoga positions.

His favorite place and constant companion.
BHU:  What a long, strange trip it's been!  The nips on me!!  xoxo



Happy 19th!!!! So happy FUR U, Bhu!
My fur kids that looked like you
(only white paws) lived to be
nearly 23 years old.

Sweet Purrfections said...

Happy 19th birthday Uncle Bhu. We love you.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Happy Birthday, Bhu. You are just as handsome as ever.

Katie Isabella said...

Happy Birthday precious. You are as beautiful as you ever were and this has been a loving journey with your parents. xxxooox

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Happy Birthday Bhu! XO

Ava Potterfield said...


The Florida Furkids said...

Wow...we just saw this! Happy (belated) Birthday Bhu - you and our Mom share a birthday!

The Florida Furkids