Sunday, October 16, 2016


PATTY:  Well, Sab and I are so thrilled to be celebrating this BIG birthday with Bhu!  We love him with all our hearts!  Here are just a few photos of Bhu through the years.  Unfortunately, I lost one of my jump drives that has most of the photos from the first ten years. 

BHU:  Stellar work, Mom! 

In the beginning:  just a little kitteh with a happy future!! 

The Adolescent Bhu was just as confident as he is today!  Quilts make the mancat!

In the spotlight:  in his Purrfessional acting role from As the Paw Turns!

Demonstrating one of his many yoga positions.

His favorite place and constant companion.
BHU:  What a long, strange trip it's been!  The nips on me!!  xoxo