Friday, May 20, 2016

Poison Ivy -- WHY?!?

I'm such a happy-looking plant!  Why do I cause such misery??
 PATTY:  Yes, we have a poison ivy patch in a most difficult place:  the ditch at the edge of our yard.  I won't use toxic chemicals*, so I'm going to use this recipe made from kitchen ingredients:

3 cups vinegar
1/2 cup salt
1 tbsp dish detergent
Mix, spray, repeat in a week

Bhu doesn't have to worry about the poison ivy because he never ventures beyond the walls of this abode, but if your kitteh likes to wander in the open air and you are concerned about what plants (s)he might be cozying up to out there, check out this blog post "Cats and Poison Ivy." 

P.S.  Bhu is sleeping, but I can tell he wants to say "Hi!"
*The over-the-counter brands of weed killer will kill everything, including enormous trees that will cost over a thousand dollars to have professionally removed.  Just sayin'.


Katie Isabella said...

I wish to gosh the OTC weedkillers for ivy would kill English ivy but it is impervious. You can't get RID of it. My neighbors have a cesspool of a yard with weeds waist high literally. Their ivy is making its way over here and I don't want it threatening my yard and fence. I can't kill it. I have tried!

Katie Isabella said...

I ought publish a picture of that place over next door. But I guess that would be as rude as they are. Btu, I read what your momma said about yowling. Mom as she may have mentioned said Admiral did quite a bit of that. XXOO

Sweet Purrfections said...

We hope you're coming back to read your comments because we're embarrassed we haven't visited in quite a while. How is Uncle Bhu doing?