Sunday, October 26, 2014

Feels like Summer; looks like Fall!

Look what I can see from mai fort window:
These leaves were all on the tree yesterday! 

Mai mom's dumb feet in her dumb purple shoes.  No doubt she's gonna drag some of those leaves into the house.

What can I say?  These particular leaves know their place.
 PATTY:  Well, Bhu, you have a very colorful yard these days, no doubt about it!  Guess I'm gonna hafta rake soon.  Today it is warm and lovely, but I know that winter is lurking somewhere north of here!   As for me, I quilted the Key West quilt today and I will talk more about that on "Sew Sew Patty."  Hope effuryone is having a wonderful Sunday!  


Friday, October 17, 2014


Then, a sweet little kitteh in December 1997.

Now,  a handsome feline version of George Clooney. (Zoolatry graphic)
BHU:  Today I am SEVENTEEN!  By the time I hit the internetz, I was already an adult kitteh and it was so much fun meeting all mai new furrends and visiting their blogs.  I even got to co-star in a soap opurra ("As the Paw Turns") with Sweet Praline, Ginger Jasper, Goma, Maggy & Zoey and who was that other little rascal?  Anyhoo, it's been an excellent time so far (except for some not-so-fun visits to the VET) and the noms just keep getting better and better!  Love mai mom and poppy, miss Sweet P and GJ, still have a heart pitter-patter everytime I see Maggy . . . and I'm planning to hog those sunpuddles for a very long time to come!

PATTY:  Hear, hear!  Happy Birthay, my sweet.  xoxo

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Football Saturday

What's that?
It's moving!  It's on top of my paw! 

Little sweater for a baby!
PATTY:  Pity us because we live close to a university football stadium -- a mile away, which apparently is too close.  Since 7 am we have been "treated" to a preview of the Georgia marching band rehearsing for an 11 am game.  "Check, check, check" on the too-loud sound system.  Lovely.  It's Saturday!!  SATURDAY!  So now you know it:  I hate football! 

BHU:  I think you're making more noise than the band at this point.

PATTY:  Thanks for the snark, Bhu.  Anyhoo, here's a little photo sequence of Bhu's big yarn adventure the other night.  This is a little sweater I decided to make for a PhD student who is newly pregnant.  She's hoping for a girl, but I keep seeing "boy" when I work on this, so . . .  I'm going to bind the neck and sleeve edges with blue, I think.  I was watching the Create channel one day and they were having a Crochet & Knitting programs marathon and I saw them making this stitch that really appealed to me:  cast on 30, single crochet then double crochet and repeat.  I like the texture.

Next week -- the 17th to be exact -- is Bhu's 17th birthday.  Stop by and say hello!  xoxo