Saturday, August 23, 2014

GNAT: don't do me like that!

Cause and effect:  trap beside lure!  bwahahaha!
PATTY:  If you have tomatoes, you have gnats.  I save seeds because I am (a) smart and (b) cheap . . . and also because I don't want to eat GMO foods.  Ya never know.  The three little tubs of tomato seeds in the process of being saved have attracted their share of gnattery, as have the two baskets of ripening tomatoes not far to the left of this little scene.  I love 'maters and so do gnats.  Now the little peskers are not harmful, but they are annoying.  Although harmful to the gnats, here is one trap that  is harmless to pets and people (and really, really cheap to set up).  This carries the Bhu Seal of Approval.

Pour apple cider vinegar into a jar.  Use a piece of wax paper, saran wrap, or even newspaper (any kind of paper, really) and affix it to the top of the jar to seal it -- use a rubber band if you don't have a canning jar like I used.  Punch holes in it -- toothpick size holes are too small, but shish-ka-bob stick holes are totally gnat-sized!  Wait and watch.  Soon your jar will look like mine:  a little gnat floating right in the center.  YAY!  [sorry about that!]

The following trap is very effective, but not pet or people friendly.   I've never had a problem with Bhu wanting to drink alcohol, but he is a very intelligent kitteh.

Based on personal observation, gnats LOVE red wine -- especially cabernet sauvignon!  This is the simplest trap of all.  Just put some red wine in a shot glass or small jar, add a drop of dish soap and leave it anywhere.  To be honest, you don't even need the soap.  They will drown but they will be so, so happy on the way to gnat heaven!

Zzzzzz.  Purraying for the little gnats who lose their lives due to gluttony.
BHU:  zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

PATTY:  Bhu is having cabin fever today.  It's hot, hot, hot and way humid so we are hanging out inside this afternoon, hoping to stay cool.   xoxo


Caren Gittleman said...

fantastic tip!!! I can't stand gnats! Thank you!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Staying inside sounds like a good idea on a hot day. That's what we're doing today.