Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May (we have spring back, pleez)!

BHU:  I am tired of the cold.  There were a few days there when I thought it was over; that spring was here.  Okay, akshully there were a couple of days when I thought I slept through spring and it was already summer, but that's kinda the way it is here.  And then there was the BIG STORM!  Okay, the hail was BIG, I tell ya!  BIG!  and LOUD!  Ten minutes of what sounded like aliens pelting our house with rocks or baseballs.  I wasn't skeered. 

PATTY:  Now THAT just isn't true, Mister.  We were all scared.  You can see the damage it did to the garden.  A new kinda camo for the car, a completely shredded hosta and a decapitated tomato.  But what's that thing in the top left of the collage?  A pizza, of course.  Just showin' off. 


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Yellow Jacket Trap Lure

BHU:  Well, mai mom wants to post a recipe for yellow jacket trap lure and she's too lazy to take a new piksher of me, so she just closed her eyes and aimed the mouse at a long list of files that started with the word "bhu".  This is the one where the mouse landed.  Like it?  I think it shows off my versa-tilt-ity.  I asked her why she wants to post this recipe here on mai blog because, after all, it has nutthin to do with me or mai furrends.  She sez, "I want to be able to find it.  I will lose the piece of paper on which I wrote it, but it will always be here fureffur and effur."  Her alternative smartness is sometimes inspiring (but most of the time it's alarming).  Anyway, here's the recipe.  If I was a yellow jacket, I'd be skeeeeered!

1/2 cup sugar
1 cup apple cider vinegar
1 banana peel
4 cups water