Sunday, April 20, 2014

Now it's spring!

PATTY:  Now it's spring!  Bhu seemed so sad the other day when it was cold and rainy.  The two of us have arthritis and so I know when he is hurting.  Now the warm weather is back and there are still some rainy days, but it's not so bad because the cold is gone.  And, as you can see, a walk around the yard provides color and cheer! 

BHU:  Happy Easter, furrends!  xxoo

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Holy Hail!

BHU:  Hey, mom, you put these quilt blocks on the floor and I thought they needed to be re-arranged a little bit.  Do you like the new arrangement?

PATTY:  Uh, NO; but I guess it doesn't matter what I like, right?  Speaking of things I don't like, what is the purpose of hail anyway?  Oh, I know:  to smash down all the beautiful daffodils and narcissus that JUST bloomed! 

BHU:  Must be.  Hope it's over for a while, though.  Hope all mai furrends and their families are safe and dry tonight!

PATTY:  Me, too.  xxoo