Monday, January 27, 2014

The Genius of Meatballs

BHU:  Mai mom sez she is the Genius of Meatballs.  Poppy thinks she is, too; but she practices in secret, serving her meatballs only to him.  They were ooohing and aahhhing the other day so loud I had to go and check on them.  This is what they were eating:  Mexican Meatball Soup.  Too hot for me! 

PATTY:  I love meatballs -- all kindsa meatballs.  Serve it to me with meatballs and I will eat it!  Just looking at this photo makes me feel warm all over.  Right now, WARM is what I wanna be!   Last night the wind was so upsetting . . . egads, all I could do to keep from worrying was to quilt.  So I finished this.  Bhu slept nicely next to the spool of thread, watching it closely whenever I had to replenish the needle.  He is a purrfect quilter's companion! 

BHU:  Effurybody, stay warm and dry!  xxoo

Sunday, January 19, 2014


PATTY:  Much fun at the Skypants household yesterday when friend Ricky came to show Sabryin how to make bread.  We were gifted a used breadmaker some years ago and never had the courage to use it.  Ricky, an inveterate loaf-maker himself, offered to coach. 

BHU;  Mai mom freaked out because, you know:  MEN IN THE KITCHEN!

PATTY:  Yes, indeedy.  Anyhoo, after Sab got the pot loaded with bread stuff they set it in the bread maker and it worked great for a few minutes and then horrible noises began to issue forth -- that nightmarish metal-on-metal sound that translates to "I'm broken; you're screwed."  So, I packed it up and hauled it out to the curb.  Meanwhile, Sab and Ricky extricated the dough from the pot and started the old-fashioned muscle-on-muscle process of kneading. 

BHU:  Long story, glorious ending.  Butter me!

Happy Sunday, all!  xxoo

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Noo Yeerz Noos!

BHU:  Oh, hai!  Mai mom sez it's "yet another year" and all she is thinkin' about is starting over with "the deductibles."  Is that some kinda super-hero?  Anyhoo, as you can see I am reading a very interesting book about Keef Richards ("Life") who is a famous cat rescuer in Parrot Cay.

PATTY:  Actually, he is a guitarist in a band and he also rescued a woofie from Moscow, but that's another story.

BHU:  Do you have something you want to say, or can I go back to reading?

PATTY:  Well, I think we should say that we hope efurrybody's wishes come true in this new year and that efurrybody is safe, happy and healthy!  Some of the bloggers I follow are taking a look back at 2013, reviewing what they accomplished, but I'd rather dream about all the cool things I can do with 2014!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Also, I want to thank Katie Isabella's mom for giving me a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award!    She is so nice!  I'm supposed to share some info with you in return for this award, so here goes.

Favorite Flower:  I love all flowers!  Every one that is alive and blooming is my favorite.  In NYC, I always bought bunches of violets and poppies from the flower carts.  Woodland flowers are very precious to me, as well.   I never pick them . . . just stand there and stare at them.

Favorite Animal:  Duh!

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink:  Green tea.

Facebook or Twitter:  Neither.

Favorite Pattern:   I never met a paisley I didn't like.

Getting or Giving:   I like to balance these so I don't feel like a brat or a martyr.

Day of the Week:  I think I actually feel happiest on Sunday, but I don't know why.

Passion:  Fiberarts and plate tectonics.

I am to pass along this award to two other bloggers but I haven't decided who yet.  So you will have to come back to find out later.