Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice SUX!

BHU:  Okay, so this is purrfect winter solstice weather with all the ice and then probably snow later and then another blast of arctic air.  Go away, just go away!  Maybe if I sleep, when I wake up there will be a sun puddle.

PATTY:  If you sleep long enough, I gar-on-tee it!  So, I see you have been gathering evidence in your tail again.  Taking your job as CSI very seriously, huh?

BHU:  Yes indeedy!  Cat Scene Inspector is an impawtant job!  After all, how else would you know when it was time to mop the floors?  You just don't seem to be able to pay attention to it on your own.

PATTY:  True, dood.  There are other things to do, like feed you and pet you and cuddle you and go to the store and buy more foods for you and clean out your litter box and order cases of fancy schmancy food for you on the internetz.  Whew!  Can you understand why I don't have time for the mopping?

BHU:  Whateffur!  Go away and let me snooze.

Hope you are staying warm and not getting too much snow and ice today!  The only purrfect way to celebrate the Winter Solstice is with a cup of hot cocoa!  xxoo


Fuzzy Tales said...

We're under a very dangerous ice storm warning here. We've already had over 24 hour of freezing rain and the worst is yet to come.

So you guys stay inside and don't let your human on the roads!

Ann Adamus said...

Snow or sun, you're just as handsome as ever ... lovin' you, big guy!

Nancy said...

Hi Bhu, don't you find the cold weather more comfortable, considering your lovely fur coat? I can't help your Mom with most of the things she does for you, but ask her if she has seen the ads for this product, which could keep her from ever having to deal with litter again, honest!
Merry Christmas, Bhu (and Mom and Dad too)

Muddy said...

I agree its a perfect Winter Sun. The angle of the sun during winter is good at my house, too. We get lots of laying out in the light these days, too. You look very comfortable there.

Katie Isabella said...

I agree...I will make a cup of that now. Bhu, Patty...Merry Christmas. xox

Ramblingon said...

My darling Bhu, I gave you and Mommy an award. Please come to my bloggie and see. xoxox