Friday, September 13, 2013

Mr Potato Head

 PATTY:  Today we harvested our potato crop.  What Sabryin is holding is a $4 potato.  Granted, it IS an organically grown potato.  The problem was that three times in the last six weeks critters have eaten the tops off the potato plants.  We got less than three pounds (see photo below).  

We have lots more tomatoes and okra and haven't harvested the sweet potatoes yet, but that's all the taters we are gonna get.  Disappointing, to say the least; but not discouraging.  We'll be doing it again next year, but we will definitely be fencing and bunting the area. 

BHU:  Wake me up when you start harvesting the tuna. 

PATTY:  Have a great weekend efurryone!  xxoo


Angel and Kirby said...

I had $10 cherry tomatos. All three of them!

Charliepuss said...
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Charliepuss said...

And call me when da tuna is on da table. Num nums! My mum sowed some lettuce seed the other day. Don't think I'm gonna like those!
Sorry about deleting my previous comment. I made a mistook wiv my smelling.......I mean, spelling!

Caren Gittleman said...

since I have no garden at all I think it is pretty darned good!

The Florida Furkids said...

We're impurressed! Mom can't even grow tomatoes!

The Florida Furkids

Silver Meow said...

Oh my god! That looks amazing! Mom loves fresh veggies!
And mr. Potato

Katie Isabella said...

My mommy just gave up. The raccoons and O'Possums and deer just decimated her efforts and scared me in the process. I screamed in the night to mommy for help when I spotted them ruining our little garden. xox

Nancy said...

A local man and published horticultural photographer, uses only natural products to keep bugs away. He makes soap mixtures with ivory soap to keep bugs away, as well as sprinkling Wondra flour on plants for the same reason. Of course it has to be repeated often. To keep deer away, he drives a stake in the ground near the plants being eaten and then hangs half a bar of Ivory soap on rope/heavy twine from it, after drilling a hole in the center. Nothing gets eaten. He also makes garlic solutions to spray on some plants.