Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nurse Bhu Reporting

BHU:  Hai again.  As you know, mai mom was very sick this week but because of the healing purrs and extensive medical petting that I let her do, she is now all better.  I will tell you that nursing is very hard work, always having to make sure the patient doesn't roll over on you or accidentally kick you off the bed with their enormous feet!  WHEW!  I tell ya, there were a LOT of close calls!

PATTY:  I'll say!  I do appreciate all that you did fur me, Bhu.  Don't know what I'd do without you and poppy.  He was a real hero, too, going to the store all the time to get food for us.  Most of all I would like to thank all our wonderful visitors who left comments that made us smile and laugh and tear up a little, too.  You all are the greatest group of folks in the universe!!  We love you!  xxoo

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bad day!

BHU:  Yesterday morning the ambulance came and took mai mom away.  I was a very good boy.  I didn't get in the way.  I was worried, though, about, you know, who would give me food and pet me and stuff like that.  'Cause you see, mai poppy had to go off with her, too!  I didn't know if they would come back.  But they did, about 6 hours later.  Phew! 

Mai mom had a very high fever for two days and she got dehydrated, so she passed out.  I wondered why she was lying down in the hallway.  But now she says she is feeling a little bit better -- no fever at least!  She's back to taking care of me, too.  Phew! 


Sunday, April 14, 2013

I went to the Mewniversity!

BHU:  Oh, hai!  Guess what!  Mai mom and poppy took me to the Mewniversity of Misery Vetz Klinik Thursday and they were very mean to me but there were some purrity girls there so it was okay.  The only thing is, I gotta go back to get mai teeth cleaned.  This quilt feels nice and snuggly so I'm gonna take a nap now.  Mai mom will tell you the resta the story. 

PATTY:  I'm not sure about the "mean" part; that might be a little dramatic, Bhu.  Anyhoo, Sab & I have been really worried for many years now that Bhu was not getting a complete exam when we took him to the vet every year for his shots.  He is just so aggressively uncooperative that most vets have been afraid to touch him and, since he is a "senior" kitteh, no one wanted to sedate him for fear of dire results.  So we took him to the University's vet clinic where they have worked on some of the most exotic animals in the world and where they have Board Certified anesthesiologists.  A bit of an upgrade from the neighborhood vet. 

Bhu was sedated and examined thoroughly!  For a 15 year old, he is in very good shape except for his teeth.  Even his kidney values have improved (despite the fact that he refuses to eat the special food and continues to eat Liver & Chicken Feast)! 

He's going to have to have a cleaning "including radiographs" and probably several extractions.  Have any of your kittehs had this done?  Do you know any kittehs who have had this?  He's taking antibiotics (which he actually LIKES, btw) and he is much happier already. 

We would love to hear from you about what you know about these procedures!  xxoo Patty

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Adults Only! Not for Young Kittehs!

Patty:  Really, if there are any young kittehs or kiddies about, please do not let them read this post.  I went out this morning to hang some laundry outside on this warm, breezy April day and this is what I found out back by the clothes line:

What a beauty, but cold as ice.  I did not check for gender and I'd never seen this kitteh before.  There was no evidence of trauma.  I was saddened beyond belief and just sobbed and sobbed over the body.  I covered the body with a cloth and picked some narcissus to place at the scene and then I called Animal Control.  They have the capacity to check for microchips and would let the kitteh's humans know of his/her passing.  I then posted the photo and notice on the Neighborhood Association's Facebook page, but so far no one knows the kitteh. I made signs and posted them around the 'hood notifying people of his/her passing and my sadness for his/her humans.   Maybe he/she didn't have any humans (there was no microchip, as it turned out; or a collar). 

I'm not telling Bhu about this.  It's better if he doesn't know.  But it is so sad that such a beautiful creature is gone.  What would you have done?  Did I do the right thing? 

xxoo Patty