Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Kissmess!

Mai mom, pop and me hope you have a wonderful holiday!
We love your visits and hope you get plenty of ham, turkey or salmon . . . whatever your heart desires!  I told Santa Paws you were all really good this year, so expect to see something under the tree with YOUR name on it!  

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice SUX!

BHU:  Okay, so this is purrfect winter solstice weather with all the ice and then probably snow later and then another blast of arctic air.  Go away, just go away!  Maybe if I sleep, when I wake up there will be a sun puddle.

PATTY:  If you sleep long enough, I gar-on-tee it!  So, I see you have been gathering evidence in your tail again.  Taking your job as CSI very seriously, huh?

BHU:  Yes indeedy!  Cat Scene Inspector is an impawtant job!  After all, how else would you know when it was time to mop the floors?  You just don't seem to be able to pay attention to it on your own.

PATTY:  True, dood.  There are other things to do, like feed you and pet you and cuddle you and go to the store and buy more foods for you and clean out your litter box and order cases of fancy schmancy food for you on the internetz.  Whew!  Can you understand why I don't have time for the mopping?

BHU:  Whateffur!  Go away and let me snooze.

Hope you are staying warm and not getting too much snow and ice today!  The only purrfect way to celebrate the Winter Solstice is with a cup of hot cocoa!  xxoo

Saturday, December 14, 2013

S'No Show Cat

BHU:  O Hai!  I'm takin' it easy today . . . got a nice cordurouy jacket and fleece sweater to lounge on, thanks to mai mom who is not gonna be usin' either of them today because of the SNOW! 

PATTY:  You are correct!  We are goin' nowhere today, although our plan was to hit the Farmer's Market and the Cat Show.  Mother Nature decided we did not have to leave home to see fancy kittehs, since we have one of the fanciest right here in our own house! 

BHU:  Ahem, may I say I agree with Mother Nature and thank you for the ice and rain and snow!  Now I have the peeps all to maiself and they will be here all day to feed me and give me pets. 

PATTY:  It's our pleasure!  You are our private show cat.  xxoo

Happy Winter Effurryone!  Stay warm and safe!  xxoo

Saturday, December 7, 2013


BHU: Mai mom is runnin' around the house wrapped up in sweatshirts and fleece and complainin' about how cold it is outside!  I feel just fine; my furs keep me pretty toasty and today there was a sun puddle! 

PATTY:  Yeah, well, I don't like it when it gets this cold and I don't have furs like you!  Today I am hoping that all our friends down south are getting their power restored and staying inside out of harm's way. 

BHU:  Don't forget about the masthead from Ann of Zoolatry

PATTY:  I know!  Isn't it wonderful?!  She always know how to make you look sensationally handsome.  We hope you are all having a wonderful time preparing for the holidays and ask you to remember all the kittehs who have to spend them alone in shelters (or worse).   If you can share a bag of food or litter or bleach or blankies, it would help!  And don't forget the woofies!  xxoo

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Windy Weather!

PATTY:  Bhu, I'm afraid to go outside it is so windy and I think I heard an explosion out there!  Did you hear that?

BHU:  Well, I'm too busy watching the leaves flying around!  It's like Cirque d'Soliel out there . . .stuff flying everywhere!  Don't go out there, mom, 'cause your hair might blow off!  

PATTY:  Thanks for the warning!  I think you're right.  And here comes the power truck to fix the line across the street, so I guess that's what I heard.  It's so nerve-wracking, I think I need some comfort food tonight.  How about some andouille sausages and peppers?  YUM.  


Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!  Love!  xxoo

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Trying to Make Winter Stay Away

BHU:  Mai mom heard that we are going to get a "blast of arctic cold air" this week and I'm telling her the only way to make winter go away is to go away yourself!  You gotta put all your stuff in this suitcase and take it to someplace warm!! 

PATTY:  Okay, Mr. Smartypants.  It's true there is no way to make winter go away, but I'm not a snowbird nor do I have luxurious furs like yours to protect me from the cold.  The older I get, the colder it feels!

BHU:  Yer choice!  Move or be moved; chill or be chilled!

PATTY:  I'm so lucky to have such a great PhilosoFURR in my presence!  Ish.  Anyhoo, I went out and harvested sweet potatoes yesterday and here they are.  More like carrots than potatoes, but that's because the gourmand deer ate the plants back at least four times during the summer.   Same thing happened with the other potatoes.  Next year, we plant in a fenced area.  Amen.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!  xxoo

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I salute you, my fallen furrend!

The furst time mai mom saw your face, she was smitten!  I hafta say she was always comparin' me to you:  "Oh, look Bhu, GJ is doing this," or "Oh, that GJ is up on the roof again," or "Why don't you sit in Poppy's lap like GJ does?"  I was starting to get a complex, you know.  But I admit the dood was handsome as all get out and cute as a button and just the nicest pal a mancat could ever, ever have!  

I hope you and Sweet Praline are romping about in the heavenly fields filled with catnip and fevver toys!  Adios, amigo!  xxoo  BHU

We loved you GJ and will miss you so much.  xxoo Patty & Sabryin

Saturday, October 26, 2013


PATTY:  Thanks to the lovely and talented Ann of Zoolatry, we have a fantastic Halloween graphic!  Not a scary boy, Bhu is more into the color and grace of the season and I think she has captured that quite expertly.  I hope effurryone visits Zoolatry this month.  Ann has created so many wonderful Halloween portraits of our fafurrite furrends, I am so excited to visit there every day to see who is next!

BHU:  She knows me oh so well!  I'm particularly smitten with the button kittens!  And, mom, I wish you would help me find mai other three thimbles!

PATTY:  They are probably in the same place that MY thimble is hiding!  Those things have a way of sneaking off into the dark recesses of our sewing boxes!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  It's Homecoming here, so there is lots of noise and traffic, but the sun is shining and it is just a wonderful day!  xxoo

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sweet Sixteen

PATTY:  Hard to believe Bhu was once this tiny!  Born in the Twentieth Century!  Look at the fur in his ears!  He was such a cutie pie, so much fun to play with and cuddle.  He is sixteen years old today.  Happy birthday, Bhu!  xxoo

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall Falling

 PATTY:  This gent was on the basil the other day and I just knew it would be no time at all before he was a little taken aback and set to shivering under a branch somewhere because it is, after all, OCTOBER!  The time when Fall Falls right on top of you like a ton of cold bricks.  And whaddya know?

BHU:  It fell.  Yes it did.  There was a blizzard.  And as if that was not enough, there was also a hurricane.  What a lovely day!  I'm so glad I don't hafta go outside.  I can lay here all day on this pile of quilts and just pretend nothing ever changes.

PATTY:  You are very, very good at that Mr. Bhu!  If you were a superhero, you would be the Unchanger.  Speaking of superheros, Sabryin asked me to make this shirt for him and he picked out this fabric and I am going to start working on it this weekend.  It's a good day to sew and iron and bake and add quilts to the beds and wear sweatshirts and just cuddle up.  First frost is not far away!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumnal Equinox Collage

BHU:  Hey mom, look what I see!

PATTY:  I see it, too, Bhu!  It's a morning glory growing among the coleus!  It's so pretty!  How would you like an ear scritch?

BHU:  Yes, right there, mom!  Thanks!

Here's to a Happy Autumn for Effuryone!  xxoo

Friday, September 13, 2013

Mr Potato Head

 PATTY:  Today we harvested our potato crop.  What Sabryin is holding is a $4 potato.  Granted, it IS an organically grown potato.  The problem was that three times in the last six weeks critters have eaten the tops off the potato plants.  We got less than three pounds (see photo below).  

We have lots more tomatoes and okra and haven't harvested the sweet potatoes yet, but that's all the taters we are gonna get.  Disappointing, to say the least; but not discouraging.  We'll be doing it again next year, but we will definitely be fencing and bunting the area. 

BHU:  Wake me up when you start harvesting the tuna. 

PATTY:  Have a great weekend efurryone!  xxoo

Sunday, September 8, 2013


PATTY:  Tomato saucing instead of blogging.  Here we are at the very start of the process with onions, basil, oregano, garlic and tomatoes.  The fragrance is amazing!  I was obsessing about how to remove the seeds from my homemade sauce when I found an article claiming the seeds are the best (most nutritious and flavorful) part of the tomato.  Besides, we all know what happens to the seeds . . . they sort of remove themselves . . .

We finally got some rain this morning.  Bhu is snoozing in the window, grateful that I am using the flashy box for something other than capturing his efurry move.

Have a great Sunday!  xxoo

Monday, August 26, 2013

Gifts from the Garden

BHU:  Mai mom is so weird.  She likes to grow yellow tomatoes.  She grows yellow "green beans."  And she put flags up in the garden to keep the critters away.  It looks like a party, doesn't it?

PATTY:  You forgot to mention the okra.

BHU:  That's because it is so weird.  What a weird, weird vegetable!

Hope your garden grows well this summer!  xxoo

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Say Hey!

 BHU:  Okay, it's been a long, long time since mai mom has had time to let efurryone know we are still alive and well at the Skypants B&B!  We've been having great weather, which means mai job as house security offisser is more demanding, too.  Here I am on the job watching fer introoders.   Our garden is doing better than last year, but you can see these nasty fellas have done a job on mai mom's dill plant.  Holy cow, where did they all COME from?

 PATTY:  Hope you can see these doods!  There's nothing left but a couple of dill sticks.  Once the dill was gone, they disappeared.  I was hoping they would turn into butterflies.   And here's another one of our regular "visitors" to the garden.  This one was sitting on the porch for quite a while last evening.  Not at all afraid of me.  I suppose I'm happy about that in a way.

I spent a good deal of time this month sewing buntings to put up in the garden because something has been eating the tops off the tomatoes and sweet potatoes -- even the regular potato plants, which I thought were poisonous!  Sabryin calls the garden "The Squirrel Carnival" now and I admit it is very colorful.

Hope you are all doing well and having a happy summer.  It will be over soon, so enjoy the days in the sun!  xxoo

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sleepy Saturday

BHU:  It's Saturday and it's sunny and cool, so I'm gonna camp out here and probly nap fur the resta the day.  Since I know yer not real good at taking "hints," mom, this means leave.

PATTY:  Sure, no problem!  It's a nice day, so I'll do something fun instead of worrying why you suddenly don't like your food.  It's probably because I bought a whole case of it, right?

BHU:  I'm not sayin'.

Hope you all have a happy weekend!

Pee Ess:  Click on the Sew Sew Patty tab to see what mai mom is up to today!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Bhude Abides

BHU:  Oh hai, effurybody!  It's been a long time since I was able to visit.  Mai mom is a slacker, what can I say?  Look at her silly head!  She's sleeping instead of blogging!  Why the noive! 

PATTY:  Yeah, well, I've been busy, see.  If there are any accountants out there they will know what I've been through if I use the words "end of the fiscal year."   Then I decided to take some IT classes and that cuts into the time available for blogging.  And then there's the garden!  We get to this point in the year and I always wonder why I even bother.  Rain stops, critters arrive, and did I mention the bugs? 
May I introduce to you Mr. Tomato Hornworm, a charming guy but voracious!  I removed him and placed him in another part of the garden.  The photo is not very sharp and I'm afraid his horn is cut off at the top there, but he is about 2-1/2" long.  Apparently, he's been nibbling on my tomatoes out back for about a week now.  Sabryin says he will just find his way back to the tomato patch, but I will keep my eye out for him this time. 

BHU:  Tell effurybody that I am doing well, mom! 

PATTY:  Yes, it's true!  Bhu is doing great, except for excessive matting on his belleh.  He still won't let us groom him; it's catch as catch can.  But during the recovery we went through a flurry of foods and he has finally settled on Sheba Salmon Pate.  He is just an amazing dude with amazing resiliency!

P.S.  Please visit Ginger Jasper and his family to send a huggy purr their way!  Love to all!  xxoo

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Neurologically Appropriate"

BHU:  According to mai Patient Discharge Instructions, the vet said I "seemed neurologically appropriate."  Don't know what that means, but he also said that my mouth is healing well from the dental procedure, so THAT sounds good, huh?  However, he adds "No further physical exam was performed due to his aggressiveness."  Hey, I was just purrotectin' mai territory, if ya know what I means!

PATTY:  They are just trying to help you and I wish you would coopurrate.  If you had not been so mean, we wouldn't have to take you back in a couple of weeks. 

BHU:  Well, I'm not goin' back.

PATTY:  Sorry, Mister, but you are!  They even sold us a bottle of Feli-way spray to put inside your carrier before we take you there.  Apparently, that will make you more docile.

BHU:  Pffffst!  Doubtful!

PATTY:  So, everyone, just wanted to let you know Bhu is actually doing great after having ten extractions.  Afterward it was very painful for him, as you can imagine, and his fur was just a totally icky mess.  If you have ever had an extraction that required novacaine, you can sympathize.  Suddenly your lips don't work anymore and everything you're aiming at your mouth falls on your chest!  His muff really took a beating!  Anyway, thanks for sticking with us through this.  It was VERY expensive and we would not have done it except that the "Mewniversity" has board-certified anesthesiologists on staff.  That made us more confident that it would be safely and carefully done.  They did good!  Mai Bhu is running around the house like a kitten and his pain is gone! 

xxoo Happy Summer!

Friday, June 14, 2013

It is what it is

PATTY:  Just wanted to give you all an update on Bhu's condition.  We had a bit of a rough time with him this week and had to take him back to the vet because of swelling in his mouth that was preventing him from eating or drinking.  He wants to eat, but it hurts.  Right now he will eat people tuna with lots of tuna juice if I mash it up.  He will also eat a little bit of his Liver & Chicken feast.  Bhu doesn't want to have his photo taken today because his muff is just a matted mess and it is so hard for him to clean up.  You know that kittehs are ALL about the grooming and so he is a bit grumpy because of that.  So we are keeping fingers crossed that there will be steady progress with eating and drinking this weekend!

P.S.  He blames me for his misery. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I has survived

BHU:  As you can see, mai furz are all sticky and smell weird but I can't make mai tongue work to clean them up!  Effurry once in a while, mai mom or poppy sticks a syringe in mai mouth and that just makes me feel MORE woozy.  I'm not sure what happened, but I'm thinking something's missing! 

PATTY:  This is what's missing . . . Bhu's bewtiful bottom fangs and eight more teeth that were in varying degrees of disease.  The vet said "Yer cat is gonna look like a stoner for a couple of days," and he couldn't be righter!  Bhu's expression resembles that of Sean Penn's in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."

I am hoping what we paid for this dental extravaganza is worth it for Bhu's quality of life, but it's too early to tell at this point.  We're just glad he made it through the surgery.   Thanks to you who shared information about your experiences with feline dental procedures!!  It enabled us to be a little braver throughout the day as we waited to hear the results.  Now to get through this day:  administering pain meds, worrying about whether he will eat or drink, hovering over the litter box, etc. 


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wish me luck!

BHU:  Tomorrow morning I'm going back to the Mewniversity to have a "dental purroseejer," whateffur THAT is!  I'm not complaining because I have been feeling much better since the last time I went there.  So, I'm just gonna chill today and let mai mom and poppy feed me and fawn over me and coo in mai ears that I am the most handsome and purritiest boy, etcetera.

PATTY:  While Bhu "chills," I am hoping that the other moms and pops of kittehs who have had dental work will give us some advice or share information about their experiences so we won't be so scared.  Bhu is, after all, a "mature" kitteh and we are doing this not because we think he should have a bright, shiny, photo-opportunity smile.  We are doing it because we want him to have a less painful life.  He will probably have an extraction or two or more.  He's never had very good teeth; I've heard it's a breed thing. 

BHU:  Ahem, could you take this conversation elsewhere?  I'm trying to chill.

PATTY:  Okee dokee, mister.  You're the boss!  Wish us luck, okay!?  xxoo

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hey, you forgot Spring!

PATTY:  It's like this:  in the morning the heat goes on and then one day by noon you need the AC.  No in between.  And you never get used to it, either.  Every year we complain about the same thing, but our expectations never change:  we expect Spring sometime in April and May.  Mostly we get either winter or summer. 

BHU:  That expektashun thing gets you efurry time, mom.  When you gonna learn?

PATTY:  Ahem.  Yes, well here we have a few photos of the morning so far at the Skypants B&B.  Clockwise from Top Left is close-up of Buddha Belleh Furz because they are so EXQUISITE!  Right is one of the most faithful irises -- blooms every year, no matter what and it's a glorious color that looks more burgundy than purple (or do I need new glasses).  And then Bottom Left is another Belleh Furz shot of the boy as he does his famous twisty roll to the edge of the bed.  I swear, he's gonna fall off one day.

BHU:  Don't be scared, mom.  I won't fall! 


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nurse Bhu Reporting

BHU:  Hai again.  As you know, mai mom was very sick this week but because of the healing purrs and extensive medical petting that I let her do, she is now all better.  I will tell you that nursing is very hard work, always having to make sure the patient doesn't roll over on you or accidentally kick you off the bed with their enormous feet!  WHEW!  I tell ya, there were a LOT of close calls!

PATTY:  I'll say!  I do appreciate all that you did fur me, Bhu.  Don't know what I'd do without you and poppy.  He was a real hero, too, going to the store all the time to get food for us.  Most of all I would like to thank all our wonderful visitors who left comments that made us smile and laugh and tear up a little, too.  You all are the greatest group of folks in the universe!!  We love you!  xxoo

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bad day!

BHU:  Yesterday morning the ambulance came and took mai mom away.  I was a very good boy.  I didn't get in the way.  I was worried, though, about, you know, who would give me food and pet me and stuff like that.  'Cause you see, mai poppy had to go off with her, too!  I didn't know if they would come back.  But they did, about 6 hours later.  Phew! 

Mai mom had a very high fever for two days and she got dehydrated, so she passed out.  I wondered why she was lying down in the hallway.  But now she says she is feeling a little bit better -- no fever at least!  She's back to taking care of me, too.  Phew! 


Sunday, April 14, 2013

I went to the Mewniversity!

BHU:  Oh, hai!  Guess what!  Mai mom and poppy took me to the Mewniversity of Misery Vetz Klinik Thursday and they were very mean to me but there were some purrity girls there so it was okay.  The only thing is, I gotta go back to get mai teeth cleaned.  This quilt feels nice and snuggly so I'm gonna take a nap now.  Mai mom will tell you the resta the story. 

PATTY:  I'm not sure about the "mean" part; that might be a little dramatic, Bhu.  Anyhoo, Sab & I have been really worried for many years now that Bhu was not getting a complete exam when we took him to the vet every year for his shots.  He is just so aggressively uncooperative that most vets have been afraid to touch him and, since he is a "senior" kitteh, no one wanted to sedate him for fear of dire results.  So we took him to the University's vet clinic where they have worked on some of the most exotic animals in the world and where they have Board Certified anesthesiologists.  A bit of an upgrade from the neighborhood vet. 

Bhu was sedated and examined thoroughly!  For a 15 year old, he is in very good shape except for his teeth.  Even his kidney values have improved (despite the fact that he refuses to eat the special food and continues to eat Liver & Chicken Feast)! 

He's going to have to have a cleaning "including radiographs" and probably several extractions.  Have any of your kittehs had this done?  Do you know any kittehs who have had this?  He's taking antibiotics (which he actually LIKES, btw) and he is much happier already. 

We would love to hear from you about what you know about these procedures!  xxoo Patty

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Adults Only! Not for Young Kittehs!

Patty:  Really, if there are any young kittehs or kiddies about, please do not let them read this post.  I went out this morning to hang some laundry outside on this warm, breezy April day and this is what I found out back by the clothes line:

What a beauty, but cold as ice.  I did not check for gender and I'd never seen this kitteh before.  There was no evidence of trauma.  I was saddened beyond belief and just sobbed and sobbed over the body.  I covered the body with a cloth and picked some narcissus to place at the scene and then I called Animal Control.  They have the capacity to check for microchips and would let the kitteh's humans know of his/her passing.  I then posted the photo and notice on the Neighborhood Association's Facebook page, but so far no one knows the kitteh. I made signs and posted them around the 'hood notifying people of his/her passing and my sadness for his/her humans.   Maybe he/she didn't have any humans (there was no microchip, as it turned out; or a collar). 

I'm not telling Bhu about this.  It's better if he doesn't know.  But it is so sad that such a beautiful creature is gone.  What would you have done?  Did I do the right thing? 

xxoo Patty

Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm Impawtant!

Bhu:  See, this is ME!  I am being interviewed at Mousebreath today!  That must mean that I am impawtant, doncha think?
Patty:  I would assume so.  Mousebreath is one of my absolute FAVORITE things to read!  You're probably going to have a swelled head now.  As if you didn't already have one! 
Bhu:  Hmmmm, do ya think I should get an agent?  I mean, what if Anderson Cooper calls?  or Jimmy Fallon? 
Patty:  Oh, dear.  Another CeleBRATty has been born!  xxoo

Sunday, March 24, 2013

HIYO! More Snow!

Bhu:  I'm takin' a poll today.  Do you think mai mom has too many quilts?  Wait, don't answer yet!  Let me show you another piksher and then you can decide, bearing in mind this is only one side of the room.

So, whaddya think?  Of course, there's mai fort straight ahead and THAT's gotta stay no matter what!  And, as you can see from the furst photo, they are very soft and nice for napping. 

Patty:  So, what are you complaining about?  Geez!  Yes, we are having more snow.  I've already been out there once this morning to knock the heavy, wet snow off the trees, suet cages and bird feeders.  Even though there is a wind, the snow don't go nowhere!  It looks like effurrybody is gonna get a "last kiss" from Winter, so brace yourself! 

Stay warm and dry kittehs!  xxoo

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Here's to Annabelle O'Leary!

Patty:  I am not a Saint, but I am a Patty and I am sort of Happy today.  Not entirely; just sorta.  And, even though my ancestry is primarily European, I do have one great-great-grandmother whose name was Annabelle O'Leary, a distinctly Irish moniker.  I never met her nor have I ever met any Irish relatives, so I don't know why St. Patrick's Day has become a drinking holiday.  I might devote a little thought to that today . . . maybe.

This is a pile o' wood from our beloved Mulberry Tree that split in half during the twin snow storms last month.  Look at the color of that wood!  It's like honey!  There's another pile about twenty feet away:  a walnut tree.  The wood of that tree is the color of milk chocolate.  I have a very yummy yard at present!

I have been apprised of a general misunderstanding about our blog.  Pattyskypants is me, the human furless one.  Bhu is gloriously furry Himalayan kitteh in the photo up top.  Most often I speak for him because, well, frankly he's too lazy to lift his head and speak during his all too frequent naps.  Also, he's rather terse (if ya hadn't noticed)  I try to indicate when I'm speaking (Patty:) and when he is speaking (Bhu:), but I guess it is a bit confusing. 

Bhu:  What?  YOU, confusing?  [snerk, snerk]

Have a good day, all, but whatever you do DO NOT DRINK GREEN BEER! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Emergency Boid Feeder

Lots and lots of snow -- heavy wet stuff that made all the tree limbs sag dangerously.  Not good for them and not good for the power lines.  I went out and tapped on the trees and the wet snow fell but I wasn't able to budge the larger trees.  

Every time I recycle one of these kitteh litter containers I think it would make a wonderful bird feeder.  So, today I tested my skill and came up with this.  I am hoping the birds will find it and use it.  It's kinda scary looking, but if you were a starving bird you might be desperate enough to stop at the Tidy Cat Buffet, eh? 

Stay warm, dry and safe!  xxoo Patty