Monday, December 10, 2012

Born This Way

Sabryin:  How come you are so beautiful, Bhu?
Bhu:  I was born this way.

Patty:  Bhu was enjoying a sun puddle on the day after thanksgiving.  His luxurious muff fur billows about his little doll face.  As you can see, his body furs are growing back and now we face the difficult choice of either having them shorn or listening to him horking up every fifteen minutes!  Seriously, the fur he ingests is what causes most of his digestive problems!  Gluttony causes the rest.  Sometimes when I am gone all day and forget to prep his food dish for the eventuality of a late return,  he is waiting at the door to let me know immediately that he is out of food!!  Once I start feeding him, it seems he does not want me to stop!  He gobbles it up, asks for more, gobbles, more, gobble, more . . .  until there just isn't any more room in his belly and he waddles off to a corner somewhere to purge.  Yes, he has an eating disorder.  Shame!

Anyhoo, I am not a big fan of Kissmess.  I don't DECORATE, although I like a humble little tree with fabric bows and a kitty star at the top.  Also, last year we put the tree lights up around the living room and keep them there all year, so in case either one of us is in a grey mood we plug them in and they cheer us up right away!  I HATE shopping and I always think I have waaaay more time than I actually have to handmake things (anyone else suffer from this affliction?).  In trying to develop a ritual-free lifestyle, I gave up sending cards about five years ago.  Some of my friends and family are insulted by this; some understand completely and are, in fact, making a similar attempt! 

Bhu:  I love getting cards, by the way.  Bring on the ritualistic gift-giving, too!

Patty:  You're really going for purrrfection with that gluttony thing, aren't you, Bhu?  Hmmm.  In any case, we hope you are surviving the season, not too stressed out, and enjoying every minute.  Is anyone having an End-Of-The-World party on the 21st?? 



Fuzzy Tales said...

Bhu, you'd look handsome with a lion cut. And that would solve your hairball issues. :-)

We have our tree up, with only non-breakable crafty/country style ornaments. It's an old theme, from decades ago, and our human would like to change that, but says we can't be trusted with glass baubles. How insulting!

We wish you a wonderful holiday...Our ecard for everyone is on our blog, with a link from the main page. Please feel free to take it, if you wish.

Have a wonderful Christmas, with much love, Light and laughter!

-Nicki, Derry and the human

ZOOLATRY said...

Glad to hear you have indoor lights to "go with" those still hanging outdoors!
Paws up on the "new" Christmas traditions, we may support a few ourselves.
And Maggy says, please keep the furry-furs just a little longer,
I do so love stroking them ...
Make merry one and all.
Us Zoolatry Girls

Angel and Kirby said...

Bhu, you are so handsome. We have short hair and do not get hair balls, but our brother Mac, he could scare everyone with his!

Muddy said...

You are perfectly handsome and especially so in the sunlight!