Saturday, October 27, 2012

Purrrrfect storm

We are purrayin' fur the back East folks.  We have good news, though.  Poppy got a really nice part-time job with the City working with good people.  He is still looking for full-time with benefits work.  I'm assumin' he means a job where he gets Appetizers, like mine.  Hey, Poppy, you should get into house security, like me!  Or do what mom does and eat macaroons all day. Hey, mom, what DO you do anyway?

Patty:  Well, mostly just eat macaroons as everyone knows.  Specifically, the ones with the chocolate on the bottom.  Although lately I've been freaking out about what to write in my bio for a high school reunion.  I barely remember high school, but overall I know I did not enjoy it.  The people I liked, I never forgot and have great memories of THEM, but not of the school.  Besides, I don't live there, never did (they didn't have enough smart kids there so they had to bus me in from another town), nor do I intend to return in the near future.  I thought "A Bio shouldn't be the same as a resume, where you just list your employers and the titles they gave you."  You know I have these delusions about being an artist forced to live in a wage slave's life, so I decided to write about myself more and less about who has paid me over the years.  It worked out good and made me happy.  Except when I think about SCRAPING. 

So, bloggers, have you experienced scraping yet?  This is where something grabs your content and photos and pastes it on another url that has been monetized.  Wikipedia has an interesting description, so check it out.  I found out about scraping from a blogger to whom I subscribe ("Quilt Obsession" featuring Baxter, a very handsome kitteh whose poppa draws a daily cartoon of Baxter's many [fictional] adventures).  I checked it out and found that PattySkypants & Bhu does exist on another url.  Now, what to do about it?  Why would anyone do such a thing, you ask?  I am thinking it's because if you copy and paste enough blogs, you're going to get enough random hits that it will pay off.  To me, it's kind of like taking the cushions off the sofa and finding coins.  One sofa might not be too profitable, but if you went through thousands or millions of them, you'd make a bundle.  Am I wrong?

There was something else I wanted to talk about, too, but now I forgot.  
Please take care and be good.  xxoo 


Angel and Kirby said...

I agree with you about High School. I was not in the smart, or pretty, or cheer team, or any other group. I was one of the left behind that was pushed through to get rid of. I do not have fond memories, but I go to the reunions just to show them that I survived and made something of my self!

I never heard of scraping, but it does not sound nice!

Fuzzy Tales said...

I've not heard of "scraping," but if you find out what to do, please post!

BTW, you couldn't pay me enough to attend a high school reunion. Either high school. Shudder. And that was 30 years ago!! Memories sure linger....

ZOOLATRY said...

YEAH! For Dad's new job!

As for everything else ... ???

Love, "US"

Nancy said...

I was supposed to attend a luncheon yesterday with some high school friends but since the hostess lives in Margate, NJ, next to Atlantic City, I am sure she was getting ready to evacuate and that mostly everyone did not go for fear of lines of traffic getting out of the area. I was fortunate in that my high school class numbered only 30, one of which has since died, but of the 30 I can say there were only 2 I really did not care for. I have gone to every reunion I was able to attend and even put on a combined high school/grade school one in the 80s. Many of us had gone to school together since K or 1st grade. Yeah about the new job. Any chance it could become full time with benefits? I LOVE the quilt on which Bhu reposes. Your pieces line up so beautifully. Battening down the hatches as "The Perfect Storm" approaches nearer and nearer.

Sweet Purrfections said...

Yay for dad's new job! We'll continue to purr for a full time job.

Our mom was scheduled to attend a meeting in D.C. this week, but it was cancelled (we're glad).

Our mom loved high school, but she had some good experiences and still lives in the same town.

michico*Adan said...

So happy to know your dad's new job!!!

Cathi said...

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If I can help you, just let me know!

Katie Isabella said...

I am very happies about your Dad getting a job and my mom said she would come and help eat the macaroons!

Scraping? What in the world other sorts of personal violations will these creeps come up with???