Thursday, September 20, 2012

Very sad

When a friend dies, other things just don't seem important.  We're very sad about this and send comforting hugs to Ann and her family.  xxoo Patty, Bhu & Sabryin

Monday, September 17, 2012

Macaroon Monday

Bhu: Well, mai mom just ate a half dozen macaroons. I watched her do it. Mom, you are gonna get porky if you keep that up.
Patty: Tell me about it. Gotta watch that.
Bhu: Poppy didn't get a new job yet, but he has been reading the comments and he is really grateful for the encouragement.
Patty: It's really pretty much a low-key thing these days to apply for jobs. You can do it in your jammies . . . it's all online! There isn't much satisfaction, though, like in the old days when you got all dressed up and went out into the day to deliver resumes and talk to people.
Look what we found lurking beneath the Bowl of Beauty peony! This thing is enormous -- about the size of a soup bowl.

Still purraying for the Zoolatry Family. xxoo

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hai, effuryone! Furst, I wanna say thank you to all the furrends who have stopped by to wish us luck in our job search. My poppa is happy to have all the help he can get, he sez. Thank you so much, too, to Ann of Zoolatry. She made this very purrity graphic of me helpin' with the search. While we were visiting Ginger Jasper today, we found out that Ann had to go to hospital and is now under the weather, too! Maggie and Zoey needs our help with all their caregivin' duties! Mai mom sez she wishes she lived closer so she could help Ann & Vic. Maggy and Zoey sure look cute in their little nurses outfits, though. Anyway, we hope effuryone will purray and send encouragement their way.
And THEN we found out poor Goma is ill! Mai mom luvs, luvs, luvs Goma from the time he was just a tiny little kitteh, so we are all worried about him, too. Lotsa worrying around here lately. What do you do to keep from worrying? xxoo Bhu

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Mai poppy lost his job Wednesday. At first I was really happy 'cuz I figured More Pets Fur Me! But then I thought, Less Money Fur Fancee Feest! So, as with efurrything in life, there's always a little bad, a little good all mixed together.   Anyway, I hope he can find another job so I don't hasta go on a diet!  Plus, I am needing a new nip toy.  Maybe I can help him with his resoomay today.

But some REAL good is we got rain!! YAY! The birds came out to play in the puddles but I haven't seen any rabbits yet. They sorta disappeared a couple weeks ago and mai mom has been trying not to worry about them.

Mai mom is going to start posting about her UFOs -- which are just quilting projects she never finished 'cuz she is just not smart enough to figure out what to do next or she didn't buy enuff fabric when she started or some other reason that they are sitting around collecting dust -- but she sez the 'puter is being really slow today. So, talk to you later! xxoo Bhu