Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I blame the SEC

As everyone knows, we are having an epic heat wave and an as-yet-to-be-formally-announced major drought. I am offering these photos as evidence.  My grove of redbuds looks like a scene from late October, not early July.  They are losing their leaves!  I am watering them daily, but to no avail. 
Remember the gorgeous magolia blossom I showed you a few months ago?  Losing all its leaves, too.  There is a robin's nest in this bush and the birds are totally freaking out.  I've added lots of impromptu bird baths about the yard and I think they appreciate it, but I think they are still dazed by the unrelenting heat and dryness.  You can see the grass is past history!  The only green we've got is the clover.  I swear, it's starting to look like Midland, TX around here.

Not to mention that even the areas that I have been very careful to water don't seem to know they have moisture.  I am pouring gallons and gallons on everything and it's just evaporating.  And to add insult to injury, my yellow pear tomatoes are punking out. 
Mostly, I'm pretending I live in Arizona.  There are a lot of people who actually move there because they prefer this kind of dry hot hell.  The last time we got any precipitation at all was on June 23 and we got less than 2/10th of an inch.  It's been 100+ degrees every day since the 24th and it's going to continue to be 100+ through next week.  There is some talk of rain Sunday.  I've never experienced anything like this and I just don't know what to do.   I'm hoping that people will refrain from using fireworks tonight, but I have little faith in humans.   Bhu is purrfectly fine with it, though!  "I gotz mai noo haircutz and it is very COOL!" 
Aside from looking exceptionally sleek and cool these days, he is also horking up a lot less!  He seems really much happier without all that fur!  Here he is posed with some laminated fabrics that I purchased to make a bed cover.  If he DOES hork up on the bed, I can just wipe it off!  The fabrics in the upper right hand corner are going to be used for a couple of organizing projects for the kitchen and bath.  Oh, and maybe a new pair of jammies pants for me.

As for the SEC, I blame the heat wave on them.  Since MU moved from the Big Ten to the SEC, I think Mother Nature thinks we are "southern" and that this heat is perfectly normal for us.  Uh, Mother Nature, we are not IN the South! 

Happy 4th!  Please be safe! xxoo Patty & Bhu


ZOOLATRY said...

Actually, it's much cooler in Florida!!! Forget AZ, move here,
then Bhu and Mag can schmoooze a bit. Ah, yes: we agree ... next to no "horking up" these days, what a joy. And I am not constantly picking fluffballs off anything and everything. H..., I don't even have to vacuum or dust that often! PS: have you checked your email?
PPS ... can't you get rid of that
AWFUL "word verification" thing below, please ... it's terrible.


We're with Zoolatry! Come to FL!

The Florida Furkids and Lexi

Angel and Kirby said...

So when was the last time you were in Midland Texas? It is pretty arid there!

Happy Independence Day!

mousebreath said...

Hey, check yr email frm mousebreath. We need your address so we can ship your End Cat Boredom kit!

Nancy said...

I agree about the word verification. has to go. What a shame about the garden. I know you love it so. I am SO sorry I left Maine. Maybe we should all head north?

Sweet Purrfections said...

MOL! Yes, it is hot in the South. Up until this year, Mom Paula had visited every SEC football stadium and now she needs to visit Texas A&M and Missouri.

We're glad to hear that Bhu is doing better.

Katie Isabella said...

I'm still not happy with the changes to our SEC. It will take getting used to. I loved that reference to it thou. ;-).

Here is it hot, sere, and yesterday we did have a freak storm and some little rain with it but 70 mph winds for pity sakes.

The grandiflora magnolias here, tall and huge are still dressed in their leaves.


Rykers Boyz n Allie said...

Yipes! Our backyard is in the same fix...and we're watering like crazy too! It was 106 in KC yesterday!!!!