Saturday, June 23, 2012

Who Luvs Ya Babee?

Yes, this is Bhu "Kojack" Skypants after his new grooming appointment. 
All he needs is a lollipop hangin' out of his mouth!
He's really got no furz excepting the tail and a bit on his face.  Sleek, huh?
I think he looks quite handsome, myself!
"Okay, mom!  Just go ahead and plant a big kiss on the toppa my head right there!"
xxoo Patty

This seemed to go well and, as you can see, Bhu apparently cooperated with the new groomer.  He even got a [shhhh!  don't say it out loud:  bath].  Ahem.  I just wanted you all to know that this turned out okay for us and we are now going to try to train Bhu to "take the brush," instead of taking him to a groomer every fifteen minutes.  Thanks for all your encouragement!! 

P.S.  Dear "anonymous":  uh, yeah . . . NO!  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Day After the Bad Hair Day

Thanks for the comments and questions about Bhu's Bad Hair Day!  Having a bit of trouble posting today and hope this one works (two failures under my belt so far)!

Why did the groomer DO this?
We figure she no longer wants our business after thirteen years of once-a-month appointments.  That shaver spot right in the middle of his upper back is sort of a Flip the Bird act, wouldn't you say?

Why didn't she just give him a lion cut?
That's where she was headed; but she didn't quite make it, eh?   She gave him back to me in the carrier, so I didn't know it was "incomplete" until I got him home and took him out.  I had no reason to think she would do something like this on the 156th time she groomed him.

I hope she didn't charge you for this!
Actually, she charged me $10 more than I usually pay because she used the shaver.  Apparently, the charge is based on the number of minutes and the type of tools used, NOT the end product!

How does Bhu feel about it?
He doesn't seem to think it has any effect on his general attractiveness.  He thinks it's "cool."  Actually, Persians have this wonderful downy stuff right next to their skin and it is SOOOOO SOFT!  So he is delightful to pet!  He probably feels more loved now than in his "full furz" outfit. 

xxoo Patty

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bad Hair Day

He got scalped. After thirteen years of grooming him, Josie has finally thrown in the towel. This is how she returned him to me after his Tuesday appointment. Needless to say, we are trying to find another groomer. We are trying to train Bhu to take the brush. He hates the Furminator and won't let us get near him with a comb. To be honest, we are liking the shaved butt, but he has one leg that isn't shaved and one that is partially shaved and this deep shaver crevice in the middle and . . . oh, what a mess. It's very sad; it's almost criminal. Sigh. I guess I just didn't tip well enough. Or, whatever. I made these aprons (his & hers) for my former assistant and her husband who are moving into a new house in Kansas. She's very cool and is going to have a great career (I hope) and do LOTS of good in the world (I'm sure)! I'm also piecing 30's repro prints together for another apron project. Love these cheerful, colorful prints! Other than that, we finally got some rain (but not enough), the rain barrels are full again (!), and there are little tomaters on the plants (but not big enough to eat). I've been able to get some gardening projects done and I paid off my mortgage early. The town has been named one of the top 25 places to retire again, but out-of-town developers are pouring in and building dozens of 700 bed units for students; nobody's building anything for retirees. Go figure! And here's a nostalgic peek at the preshave Bhu, when he had all his fine, glorious furz! Next Friday we try out a new groomer! FINGERS CROSSED! xxoo P.S. We are going to have a give-away for the $49 Furminator sometime in the next couple of weeks, so keep stopping by fur that! xxoo Patty