Monday, May 28, 2012

In memory of

Sofie, daughter of Rachel, born in our bedroom closet in May 1989. TALK ABOUT A DIVA! She was IT! Alpha all the way. But she was the purrrrrfect lap cat! She would sit for hours in Sabryin's lap. In June 2007, while being groomed at the vet, she suffered a stroke which caused her to become blind. During the summer, she became increasingly ill and confused and ceased all grooming. We set up a living quarters for her in our basement where she had a full-sized human bed, plenty of food and water, and two cat boxes. She rarely wanted pets, but I gave them to her anyway. One day she just couldn't take it anymore and yowled in such a way that I KNEW. I called the vet and made an appointment to say goodbye to her at 10 a.m. So I went to work, did what they paid me to do and at 9:30 a.m. I took some vacation time to go home and get her. On the way out of the parking garage, a car coming down the ramp didn't see me backing out and hit me. Called the police and then the vet. At this point, I'm a little bit frazzled but I finally get home and find Sofie and line the carrier with a quilt and set her into it. She is calm and she KNOWS. I am calm and then we get there and Sofie is so calm and so sweet and so pretty. On the way out I am wailing, deep heavy wails. My heart is broken. xxoo Patty

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Magic Show!

The front:
The back-end:
He's amazing, isn't he? LOL xxoo

Sunday, May 6, 2012

May I?

BHU: Hai, effuryone! Mai mom needs some advice. She is trying to "train" me to let her brush me because I make a big fuss when she takes me to the groomer, Josie. Okay, I admitz it: I screams, yowls, bites, claws and tries to excape. Because I has this CRF thing, the vet won't give me a sedative so if I don't behave, I don't get groomed. Do you think I am gonna behave? NOOOOOOOO! PATTY: Does anyone have any suggestions? I know Bhu is an old codger at this point (can't teach an old kitteh new tricks, as they say) and getting codgier as we speak. He has some serious mats and I just don't know how to get them off. I've been searching online, reading what I find and watching videos and it all boils down to this: success depends on some cooperation from the kitteh, and I don't seem to be able to get that. BHU: Sorry. I no like burrush and HATE comb. PATTY: So, please, please, please tell me how you groom your kitteh and what you use -- brand names! I will be furrever grateful! P.S. Photo is a scene that ensued when I decided to organize my hefty collection of greeting cards. Bhu don't fit, but he don't carez! LOL xxoo